Winter Wear that Turns Her On

When the weather starts getting colder most men don a jacket and some boots and then call it a day. But if you want to stand out and be the guy that girls want you’ll put more effort into your clothes. Women have all kinds of clothes that make them look sexy, and you can do the same thing. The next time that you have a date, throw together an actual winter wear outfit that’s fashionable and you’ll be taking her home for sure. Vests Vests have always been one of the things that immediately make an outfit look more pulled together. The issue has become that as soon as winter comes around, those terrible puffy sports vests come out. Yes, they keep you cold, but unless you’re snowboarding or spending the night in the cold desert you should definitely keep it in your closet. However, a sweater vest or dress vest are entirely appropriate. The sweater vest is warmer, so if you’re in the middle of an actually freezing winter then you might want to go with this. You can wear a button down shirt under it or a plain long sleeved shirt underneath it and still look entirely dressed up. Women love when a guy puts that sort…

Why You Should Take a Second Look at the Tomboy

There are many guys out there that are all about the girly girls with long hair and hourglass figures, but that’s not all that’s on the table. As the generations come out, diversity becomes greater, thus, producing babes of all magnitudes. Aside from the feminine women you’ll find sporty girls, artsy girls, tomboys, etc. These women are definitely off of the beaten path as far as what our nation stereotypically goes for. They may have narrower bodies, more muscular frames, or even just have masculine features. That doesn’t make them gay and it doesn’t make them any less well in bed. Tomboys have it harder as they age, considering that it’s thought of as a more juvenile stage that women can go through. But if you’re willing to look past clichs, then you’ll find that these ladies can offer you more than you’d expect. Explore Something New Opening your mind and exploring something new can alter every aspect of your life. From the way you look at others to the way you think about your past can all change just by doing something like dating someone outside of the norm for you. That’s because your perspective shifts. You start seeing beauty in all women, even if it’s not sexual. You…

Why Women Always Pass You over for Someone Else

It’s a tough world out there, and you might find yourself losing hope. Maybe you’ve been turned down by tons of women before, or maybe you’re just afraid of rejection. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you find yourself getting passed over for other guys on a regular basis. This isn’t the end of the world, and there are definitely things you can do to change this sort of rejection. It may not really be about you, but rather about how you are presenting yourself. Maybe you don’t think that makes much of a difference, but in some cases, it really does. If you find yourself always getting passed over for some other guy, you’re probably going to want to know why. We’re here to give you those answers and more. Here’s what might be causing women to pass you by for some other guy: Your Profile Is Sending Her the Wrong Signals If you’re trying to meet women on an online dating site, you need to make sure you profile is appropriate. If she looks at your profile and she sees things that she doesn’t like, you can imagine you won’t be very successful just based on that. If your profile is filled with things about how you…

Why Personal Care Is Even More Important In Hot Climates When Trying To Attract Women

When you live in a warm place there are certain realities you will inevitably have to accept if you expect any woman to give you the time of day. No one wants to date or be around a guy who smells like an entire gym locker room by himself, and it’s unfortunate but it simply happens faster to us guys in hot and humid climates. You may think it’s as simple as slapping on some deodorant and calling it a day, but sadly this often far from enough to satisfy a woman’s sensitive nostrils. Learn to be aware of yourself and your habits as you consciously embark on a mission to make yourself more appealing even on the hottest days. Is That Me That I Smell? It may not look very professional, but go ahead and take a big whiff of your armpits on a hot day. Chances are you put on deodorant and still smell like a pig. You shouldn’t have to reapply to get through a day, but try some extra strength out. If that isn’t enough, talk to your doctor about prescription strength deodorant. It’s not a crime to smell, but it’s a deathblow to your dating life to not take care of it. If you still…

When to Use a Pick up Line

Pickup lines are a man’s best friend. There’s nothing quite as good as knowing that you don’t have to think of something totally original to say to a woman you’ve never met. Sure, you’re going to have to start having a real conversation shortly after that, but until then you’re going to be okay. It can take a lot of the pressure off an otherwise fraught experience. However, pickup lines aren’t going to serve you well in every situation. Here’s a quick guide on when it’s a good idea to use a pickup line. Is Cold Approaching Even worth It First of all, ask yourself if cold approaching a woman is going to pay off for you, statistically. There are places where people assume they’re going to get hit on. If she’s at a bar, well, then it’s obvious that she’s going to get approached. If she’s in the grocery store, probably not. Before you waste your own time, think if this is location and time is even worth it to try. There’s a one in a billion shot that that woman at a funeral wants to hook up with you, so it’s not even worth it to ask her. On the other hand, a pickup line is a good…

What a Woman’s Fingernails Can Tell You

Women take way better care of themselves than most guys do and often go to unnecessary measures to do so. They painfully wax, pluck, shave, smooth, and scrub themselves just to be the prettiest they can be. It’s not always for the sake of men looking at them, but what they do end up doing can give us some hints as to what we can expect from her if we approach. For instance, a woman’s fingernails are such a small part of her body, but if you look at them you’ll be able to tell a few things about her personality and nature. If you’re no expert on fingernails already, then keep reading for a few helpful tips. The Clean Nail If a woman has a clean, bare nail then it’s safe to say that she’s not entirely girly. Even if she wears makeup, taking the time to paint her nails is too much. But she does keep them clean, telling you that she cares about her own personal hygiene. The nail that is long and filed to keep its shape means that she does care about how she looks, but prefers natural, clean beauty. Recognize this and compliment her on some similar facet about her looks. For example: “You…

Ways To Boost Self Confidence In Your Shirtless Look

Living somewhere hot like Australia usually means you end up spending some of the hottest days shirtless, whether or not you’re going to the beach or the desert. It can be a great way to get the attention of the ladies but only if you know how to milk the situation. Confidence is key and extremely hard to fake. You need to get to a point where you feel comfortable bearing all to complete strangers of all kinds. Not just the hot chicks are going to see you and you may receive some unwanted attention so it’s important to feel good about yourself. If you look down and see a little flab, that’s fine. Exercise might help you too, but start with feeling good about yourself first and use that as a stepping stone for further improvements. It Doesn’t Have To Mean The Gym, But It Does Mean Exercise Getting fit for hot shirtless whether can involve going to a gym to use weights and other methods to tone endlessly. That’s great if you can foot the bill, but sadly a lot of us don’t have that luxury or time. It’s just as easy to get a six pack in your living room or in a grassy field (or sandy…

To Gift or Not to Gift on a First Date

A first date is always going to be hard. It doesn’t matter if you met online or in person, because you are essentially two strangers who are going to meet in a definitely purposeful romantic setting. Normally when you have interest in someone you shower them with gifts and affection, but this is obviously not the same situation. You don’t want to come off as weird by bringing her a present, but also if you choose a good one she could be super impressed. Do the benefits outweigh the bad enough to risk it? The Pros The first date is sort of like an interview. You’re going to a meeting and you’re hoping to impress the other party enough to get invited back. In a business meeting you won’t bring a gift, but for the first date something like flowers is a nice touch. That’s still pretty mediocre though, lots of guys bring flowers. So while you’ll get an “aw” here or there from her friends, that’s about it. If you bring her something unique you’re showing that you’re not the type of guy who dates girls randomly. Otherwise you wouldn’t bother spending all of that money on them all. Unless you’re rich, then you can do whatever it is…

Thoughtful Notions That Will Boost Your Date Night

Having a date night with a woman, whether it’s your first or your fortieth, should always be something that is special. Calling it a date makes it that way. Eating dinner by itself isn’t anything that we wouldn’t normally do, so by spicing it up you’re creating a moment for your date to remember. While this great on its own, by adding some small yet thoughtful notions will make it even better. Dates can end in many different ways, let’s make sure that yours ends well in a bed with a beautiful woman. Show Up on Time Most women take a lot longer than men do when it comes to getting ready for a date. So when you set a plan, be on it. If you show up early then she’s going to have to rush to finish getting ready because you’re there and she’ll probably feel pretty flustered by it. That’s not a good start. Showing up late is just as bad. Then she thinks that she has to finish by a certain time, but suddenly has longer. She doesn’t know how far away you are and isn’t sure if she should do something extra to her hair or makeup because what if you show up in the middle…

Things You Should Never Say to Her in a First Message

Your first message to a woman on a dating site is so important, and you need to make sure you’re sending her the right kinds of messages. If you send her a first message with something awful in it, you can say goodbye to your chances at hooking up with her. You really need to make sure you give off the right impression when you send your very first message her way. It’s not always easy to know what you should say when you message her for the first time, though. You may find yourself somewhat at a loss. That doesn’t need to be the case any longer – we’re here to help you understand the sorts of things you should never say to a woman the first time you message her. These things are not going to improve your chances at hooking up. In fact, they could actively ruin your chances. If you’re curious why, read on to find out all about it and what you need to do. What You Want to Do to Her in the Bedroom We know that you probably have big plans for the women that you want to hook up with, but that doesn’t mean it is appropriate content for when you message…


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