4 Common Come-Ons That Never Work

Pick up lines are awesome. They’re a great way to break the ice, they’re typically so ridiculous that everyone can laugh at them, and they take some of the pressure off of being the one who has to approach a woman. On the other hand, the wrong ones can be stale, boring, and wreck what could have been a good meeting. Yes, it’s tough to think of fresh things to say when you’ve struck out with one, or two, or fifteen women, but think twice before you use any of these lines to reel someone in.

You’re Cuter than a Baby Seal

"She won't appreciate this compliment"

“She won’t appreciate this compliment”

Guys say this because they think that “cute” sounds better than “sexy”. However, women don’t agree: most women prefer sexy or beautiful, and some might even be upset that you compared them to an animal. Not because baby seals aren’t cute, but because she’s a human that you, presumably, want to get down and dirty with. If you weren’t interested in her physically, why would you message her? While she’s trying to decide whether or not she’s going to make your desires reality it doesn’t help to be thinking about baby seals.

Age Is Just a Number

"Don't force her to date you if she doesn't want to"

“Don’t force her to date you if she doesn’t want to”

This is something that older men tell younger women when they fall outside of the woman’s age range. Guys, here’s a tip: if she says she only wants to date 18-28 year olds, let her. It doesn’t matter that you’re 30 but full of youth, you’re 30. Just move on. The reason for this is that you’re wasting your own time. Most women won’t respond to someone outside their age range no matter what you say. Plus, there are women who prefer older men: you just have to find them. Forget trying to chase a woman who doesn’t want you and find the woman who’s thrilled every time you talk to her.

The Unsolicited Dick Pic

This barely counts as a come on. Most guys know that it doesn’t work, but they still do it: the dick pic out of nowhere. Women don’t really like opening up their inbox to see that, even if you two have been having a steamy conversation. You can find out if she’d like to take a peak by telling her that the conversation had a result, and she could take a look at it if she wanted to. This gives a woman who might be dying to see your dick a way to say yes without having to bring it up, but it’s also possible that she might opt not to spoil the surprise (or have that incriminating picture on her phone) and you will look like the perfect gentleman either way.

You’d Be Beautiful If You Smiled

Women don’t want to hear what they could do to achieve beauty. Tell her she’s beautiful now; negging (giving a woman an insult disguised as a compliment so her self-esteem will plummet enough for her to date you) is old news. She’s onto your game this time, and she’s not going to stick around.



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