4 Signs She’s Looking for More than One Night

It’s always best to know what you’re getting yourself into before you try to take a woman home. There’s nothing better than going home for a fun night with a woman who also thinks that this is going to be the night to remember, no strings attached. The best way to make sure that you’re not going to be dealing with any awkward morning after issues is to be clear what you want the night before, and then look for signs that a woman might actually want more from you than just an easy way to get to sleep tonight. Look for these signs to avoid breaking her heart accidentally.

She Steers the Conversation

"She tries to know about your personal stuff"

“She tries to know about your personal stuff”

Women who want to hook up are willing to let you do the talking. She’s just waiting for you to blow it, basically; she’s all but decided that she’ll sleep with you, now you have to just avoid talking yourself out of a sale. A woman who wants more will actually steer the conversation; she wants to find out specific things about you that will determine whether she sees you as just another hookup or something more.

She’s Not Too Provocatively Dressed

"She is wearing a normal dress"

“She is wearing a normal dress”

Women know that when they want a man, they can get one. If she’s going to be going home with someone TONIGHT, and that’s all that matters, she’ll dress like she is. If she looks good, but not brazenly on display for the whole bar to lust after, she might be thinking in terms of meeting someone steamy, but not going home with them tonight. She’s put out the kind of bait that will appeal to the men she wants to catch: patient ones.

She Tells You about Herself

"She is revealing her personal life to you - pay attention"

“She is revealing her personal life to you – pay attention”

Women who want to have sex will tell you things that you don’t need to know. She’ll talk to you about television shows, fun things she did with her girlfriends in college, and so on. A woman who wants to have something a little more long term is going to keep pushing for something a little deeper. She’s going to actually tell you about herself. You’ll learn things that influence her identity, who she is as a person-and whether she likes beer or cocktails isn’t the kind of thing we mean. If your talk about the next season of a popular TV show turns into how the work reflects things she’s gone to in her own life, she’s searching for compatibility.

She Stressed Long Term Goals

Women who want to hook up tonight need to know that you share the same goals for the next six hours. That’s it. By morning they don’t care who you are or what your goals are. If she’s thinking of anything more, she’ll want to know details about your life into the future: maybe even months. These include things like your next big vacation plans, long term hobbies, and physical fitness goals. She wants to make sure that she’s not setting herself up for failure by meeting a guy who’s not compatible with her.



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