4 Ways to Improve Your Looks in 20 Minutes a Day

Women like attractive men. Women like movie stars and underwear models. This is a fact. However, women also know that they’re not going to meet very many movie stars or underwear models. They’re going to have to sleep with real men, and that means that you don’t need to compete with this year’s big famous movie star: you have to compete with the other normal guys you see around. It only takes a little effort to get ahead of the pack, so check out these 20 minute perks that will make you stand out from a crowd.

Use Teeth Whitening Strips

"Get a white smile"

“Get a white smile”

Women love a great smile. It doesn’t get more basic or more sexy than that. If you’re already using whitening toothpaste, step it up with some strips. They’re easy to use, not that expensive, and if you just do it every couple of months you’ll keep your smile much fresher than the competitions’. It’s really that easy to get a leg up on the other guys out there: you don’t even have to think about it, you can put some of these strips in while you sleep.

Go for a Walk During Lunch

"It can stop weight gain"

“It can stop weight gain”

This isn’t about weight loss entirely, because face it: a 20 minute walk every day isn’t going to drop tons of pounds. You might lose a couple, but mostly you’re going to stay the same weight. The difference is that regular exercise can boost circulation and keeps your eyes bright and that tail bushy. Plus, it can help stop weight gain: it’s easy to get pudgy when you’re sitting in a cubicle eating for every second of your lunch break every day. Stretch your legs and get away from office temptations.

Eat Your Veggies

"Stay healthy by eating vegetables"

“Stay healthy by eating vegetables”

Even this isn’t about weight loss, though you might lose weight in the process. Eating vegetables makes you healthier, and when you’re healthy you look hot. You’ll have clean skin, lots of strength and energy, better hair, and other perks of actually giving your body what you need to live. Women will respond to that. It’s a biological imperative for a woman to find the healthiest mate possible so that your theoretical future babies will be amazing specimens and her DNA will get passed on. Of course, that’s not what a woman thinks when she checks out the bar scene; she’s just going to notice that you look good and you’re keeping up on the dance floor a lot better than the rest of these guys.

Sort out Your Oldest Clothes

All this takes is a little sorting. Every week for a while, throw out your oldest, rattiest item of clothing. If there’s something you have for personal reasons, box it up so you don’t accidentally wear it. You never know where you’re going to be when you meet a hot woman who might want to get to know you better if you play your cards right. The issue is that it’s very hard to bounce back from wearing a lime green blazer with orange sauce stains on it. Don’t be a fashion disaster.



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