4 Ways to Tell She’s Not into Commitment

It’s true what they say: when you’re looking for a wild night out every woman you meet is going to be looking for Mr. Right. When you’re finally ready to start thinking about something a little more stable (not dropping a wedding band ready, but ready enough to wonder what it’s like to sleep with the same woman twice in a row), however, you’re only meeting party animal women. Repeat the cycle until your head explodes, right? However, you can turn this cycle around and nip a false relationship in the bud by knowing these four common signs that she’s not into commitment right now. Whether you’re looking for a woman for right now or something a little longer, these will tell you what to look for.

She Doesn’t Have a Best Friend

"She has many close friends"

“She has many close friends”

Commitment doesn’t only come in “Romance” flavor. She might not be ready to promise herself to one guy forever, but she might also not be ready to stick with one friend through thick and thin. Women who don’t have a best friend aren’t looking to have stable or common experiences in life right now. When a woman keeps jumping social scenes it means that she’s still in the process of deciding who and what she’s going to be. The best that you can hope for is that she’ll decide to make you a part of her test drive of life. That could be all you really need.

She’s Always Changing Her Style

"She doesn't stick to one fashion style"

“She doesn’t stick to one fashion style”

A woman doesn’t have to “commit” to one style; she could have a ton of different looks. The only thing to think about here is why it’s so important to her that she hasn’t settled on one identity yet. She doesn’t know who she is in some big, cosmic sort of way; she only knows that she can be lots of things. This kind of woman doesn’t want any one man, because how could one man keep up with her? She’s a tomboy Wednesday and a party animal Friday, and she likes to do something sweet and country on Sundays but Mondays are all about tech. She knows that until she can pick a set of preferences she’s never going to find a guy who can match them.

She’s Fine Without Definitions

If you start hooking up with a woman who shows absolutely no interest in deciding what it is that you’re doing, that’s a sign that she’s not looking for anything serious. Serious relationships need to be defined; you have to establish the rules and not stray beyond them. However, if this is just some series of booty calls that she doesn’t have to think about she’s not going to want to put a label on things. If she hasn’t even tried to talk about it, it’s not serious.

She Has Profiles on Multiple Dating Sites

This should go without saying, but women who are putting out big nets want to catch a lot of fish. If you know she’s on more than one site you’re in the clear: she doesn’t want commitment.



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