Breaking the Ice: Jokes and Pickup Lines

It can be really hard to approach women. When you go up to a woman at the bar, she just sees how you look and the way you act; she doesn’t see that you tried to pick up three women tonight before her. While this is a good thing that she doesn’t know, based on how insulted most women would be by this, it also means that she doesn’t know that rejection is serious business. It’s hard to get out there and approach women time and time again. Pickup lines and jokes make this challenge just a little bit easier. You don’t have to worry about being funny or risking too much of yourself to talk to a woman who might just turn you down because of the way you parted your hair. If you want to make pickup lines work, here are some tips so that you don’t make the wrong impression while trying to meet someone.

Don’t Be Crude off the Bat

"Tell her a decent and funny joke"

“Tell her a decent and funny joke”

First of all, you don’t have to open with XXX material. Most women, whether online or in person, don’t want to get a dick pic (or, if it’s in person, be told to suck your dick) right off the bat. Even if they did like you before, being crude right away is a turn off. She’s a stranger to you. Even if she’s a fan of one night stands she still wants it to be on her terms. So avoid the pickup lines that mean she’s going to be put in an awkward or compromising position and stick to the cheesy humor ones.

Make a Corny Pick up Line the Joke

"Make her laugh with hilarious pickup lines"

“Make her laugh with hilarious pickup lines”

You know that pickup lines are terrible. You know that most of them are cringe worthy puns, overdramatic declarations of love that no one could possibly mean, or just funny quips. You’re going to get the best results if you don’t put too much stock in them. You’re going to have to bring the personality yourself; make sure that when you say that corny pickup line you laugh so she knows that that’s the joke, by itself; that anyone could really mean that. You laugh, she laughs, and the ice is broken.

Don’t Get Too Pushy

Pickup lines are supposed to be a fun way to meet someone. If you push too hard you’re going to ruin the moment. Her panties don’t have to hit the floor the second you drop your line into her ear for it to be working. This isn’t a one sentence way to get her into bed, it’s a way to start the negotiations. Relax and let things happen.

Make Sure You Have a Good Follow Up

The pickup line only gets you through the first thirty seconds of a conversation. Once that ball is rolling you have to be the one who keeps things going. Keep the laughter up and conversation light and gradually find out a little more about her. After all, she didn’t just come to this bar to hear pickup lines, did she? Because if she did, you’ve got a few more…



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