Changing Your Mentality Towards Women, and How It Will Help

When it comes to the dating scene, one thing you may find yourself struggling with is your mentality towards women. It can be hard to motivate yourself to get out there and try the dating scene if you’re convinced that no woman will ever love you. You need to have the right mentality when you get out there and start looking for women to date, but you may not have ever thought about this before. What does it matter what your mentality towards women is? It can actually make a huge difference in your entire dating experience, and you need to understand why. We’re here to help explain things and show you how your mentality towards women can change your experiences with them. We’re also here to tell you what the right mentality is to have, and how you can go about getting that mentality.

Why Is This Such a Big Deal?

"She will give you respect"

“She will give you respect”

You might not think that how you think about women is going to make such a big difference in your chances with the dating scene. It’s nice to think so, but the truth is that how you think about women can really change how you interact with them. How you interact with women basically determines your chances at actually being able to hook up. In other words, how you think about women basically directly correlates to how successful you are with them. You need to be able to change your mentality about women so that you can have the best chances at hooking up, and we’re here to help you with that. Thinking about women in the right way will definitely help you have better success with the women that you meet.

Figuring out What Your Mentality Is

"Give a thought to what you think about women"

“Give a thought to what you think about women”

You need to realize how you view women to begin with. Do you feel like you’re owed the chance to have sex with every hot woman you approach? Do you judge women if they’ve had a lot of casual sex? Do you think women are overemotional or crazy at times? All of these questions can reveal a lot about how you feel towards women. These things will determine how you treat women when you want to hook up with them, so you really need to think about it and consider some of these things.

What Your Mentality Towards Women Should Be

You need to view women as being basically the same as you. They don’t become magically different creatures just because they have different bits than you. If you wouldn’t judge a random guy for having lots of casual sex, don’t do the same for women. View them as being the same as you, and treat them with respect. The more casually you treat women, the more comfortable they will be around you. This means you’ll have much better chances at hooking up, which is definitely something you want. Keep this in mind when you go to approach a woman online or in the club. They’re just like you, except probably quite a bit hotter.



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