Cheesy Dating Scenarios that Work

There’s a reason why cheesy dating scenarios are a thing. The classics that our parents did before us and their parents before them wouldn’t be around if they weren’t good for something. While most guys shun things like this they’re really missing out. Women know that these dating options exist, so of course they’re going to want to be wined and dined like the movies show. But there are also those corny moments that don’t work so well. To make sure that you’re getting the ones that work, keep reading.

Carriage Rides

"Make her feel like a princess"

“Make her feel like a princess”

This is an especially good idea in the summer or winter. In the summer time you’ll have lovely warm nights that will be more comfortable than other times of the year and in the winter time you’ll have excuses to cuddle up against each other and drink hot chocolate. This is an obviously cheesy date because it’s a throwback to the olden days when princesses and other royalty were carted around this way. She wants to feel like a princess every now and then though, so it can’t hurt.

Dinner and a Movie

"Take her to a movie"

“Take her to a movie”

This is by far one of the most over used, boring dates of all time, but it still works. If you’re worried about blending in it’s understandable, but you should still take her on this type of date AFTER you’ve had an amazing first one. The dinner is romantic because that’s what society tells us it is, but even more so because you can get wine and have a reason to spend money on fancy food. The movie portion has been played out in, you’ve got it, the movies. But because the movies are often times the inspiration for life she wants to be treated the way her favorite heroine is.

Wine Tasting

"Buy her a glass of red wine"

“Buy her a glass of red wine”

Wine tasting just reeks of snobbery, so therefore it works very well for those romantic, sticky sweet dates. If you’re a wine connoisseur yourself you can take her out and tell her about the different aspects of wine. If neither of you are very good with it then you get to still drink alcohol and can make fun of the others who think they know it all. The best part about wine tasting is that you often go to tasting rooms or wineries themselves, both of which have excellent views. Take advantage of this around sunset and put the cherry on top of the sundae for your date.



Hiking is a newer form of the cheesy date. It doesn’t have a ton of romance as you romp around the forest or hills, but after you’re all done sweating everything out you can take advantage of the amazing views. Women love things that look pretty, especially after they work hard to get there. For optimum romance pack a picnic and keep it hidden until you reach the top. She’ll appreciate the surprise when you pop out some food to go along with the views. There’s a bonus if you bring wine or some other beverage.


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