Cool Dates for a Hot Day

Luckily Australia is pretty temperate all year round, with a few drops and spikes in the temperature. But when it does happen you still have to make sure that your dating game is strong. When the summertime rolls around and it can get into the high 30s you don’t want your date panting after a nice hike in the hills. No, instead you want to show her that you can take her on a cool date despite the temperature outside. Obviously this doesn’t mean that you have to go out and find an ice skating rink or the like, it just shows that you’re creative enough to come up with interesting dates that don’t wear her out. Or make anyone overly sweaty. Here’s a few ideas to jumpstart your own.

People Watching

"Take her out for ice cream; sit and watch people"

“Take her out for ice cream; sit and watch people”

This is a date that people don’t do enough. Take her out for some ice cream and just sit down in a mall or indoor space. Make sure that you go somewhere crowded enough so that you’ll have some material to go off of. Take turns coming up with personalities, backstories, and destinations of those around you. It can be fun making up why an old man might go into a lingerie store. In reality it might be to meet his wife, but you can tell her a story about how he’s secretly going in to try some panties on himself. It’s a fun, interesting way to relax and get to know each other’s sense of humor.

Animal Shelters

"Play with cute puppies"

“Play with cute puppies”

There are plenty of adorable animals that you can play with for free at the animal shelter. While you might have to be a volunteer to take the dogs out, you can always pet kittens and talk to puppies. Women go crazy over cute animals, so this can be a really fun one for her. Granted, you might want to have a backup just in case she’s allergic to something or doesn’t like animals.

Getting Artsy

Whether you’re a master artist or not, painting or drawing can be really fun. Get together at someone’s house and throw down a big tablecloth. On top of it put a large piece of paper and some finger-paint. Then throw on an apron and get to work. Create whatever you want together and then take a picture or hang it up. You can always go with the less messy version and buy a kid’s coloring book. Coloring the pages in can calm you down and sharpen your focus, so that afterwards you’ll be ready for the next leg of the date.

Games Galore


Playing games together helps solidify the bond that you’ll have and also teases out each other’s competitive streak. The cheapest way to do this is to use a gaming system that one of you has. Wii Olympics or the Xbox championship is at stake, and only one of you can win. If that’s a little too technical for you two go out and find a local arcade. They’re cheap and have something for everyone.


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