Dates You Can Only Go On In Australia That Will Wow Her

There’s nothing more wonderful than a date that will show your special lady just how much you love her and the beautiful country you live in. Getting creative on your dating excursions can be just what you need to impress your new date and really make a lasting impression. Australia has so much to offer that’s it’s harder to narrow down your choices of wonderful excursions than anything else! You’ll be able to plan a romantic and rewarding date quickly by simply stepping out your front door! No matter what part of the country you live in or choose to go to, there will be options you can both agree on and enjoy as a couple!

The Wide World Of Water Sports

"Deep sea diving"

“Deep sea diving”

The first thing everyone thinks of when thinking of Australian water sports is the truly spectacular Great Barrier Reef. There is simply no end to the beautiful shallow waters, corals, and exotic fish that call this Wonder of the World their home. Choose from diving and snorkeling to scenic helicopter tours of some of the most breathtaking visuals on earth. If that’s too far to travel, there’s plenty of other coastline in Australia that makes for amazing surfing, kayaking or even a simple romantic picnic. Use the stunning vistas to your advantage and be sure to pack a lot of sunblock! Nothing ruins a romantic outing faster than crisping in the intense Australian sun! The best part about all of these options is the flexibility to stay as long as you want and try out different activities if you get bored! If your date is afraid of being underwater long enough to scuba dive, try a romantic boat tour instead. Some even offer glass bottoms so you can see the beauty of the ocean without even having to get wet!

Getting Close To The Wildlife And Nature

"Visit a wildlife sanctuary with her"

“Visit a wildlife sanctuary with her”

If scenery and wildlife are more your style, Australia boats some of the most unique on the entire planet! Take a romantic camel ride during sunset across the expanse of desert or search the rainforest for the cute but dangerous koalas native to Australia. These beautiful setting also lend themselves well to romantic intentions and can help you create unforgettable memories together. Drive down the Great Ocean Road for stunning scenic views of the Southern Ocean speckled with shipwrecks and sheer cliff faces for over 200 kilometers! Walk along the Great Ocean Walk for a few hours or an overnight stay. Or for the more daring, try a zip line tour through beautiful rainforest or even go skydiving above the crystal clear blue waters. And don’t forget the Australian trademark, the kangaroo! Walk among them with your special someone for an unforgettable adventure together in the outback! I you like heights but don’t feel like diving off the plane, try a hot air balloon for a relaxing and scenic date that gives you time to get to know one another. Whatever your hobbies are, you’ll both be able to find something to enjoy about the wonders that your home has to offer you!



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