Dating a Younger Woman without Looking Like a Creep

Dating a younger woman can be very exciting for any guy who’s getting on in years. It doesn’t mean that you’re old at all, it just means that you’re past those partying days where you’d go out looking for chicks every Saturday night. Getting a woman who’s younger than you is a feat unto itself, so good job. Now you’re going to have access to a hot young thing who will remind you of younger days, but you’re also going to get a lot of crap from everyone. Old people and young people will say that your union is freaky because you’re an older guy, but there’s a way to go about this that lets you retain your dignity while still allowing you to get it on with a younger woman. Here’s how:

Be Wise, But Not a Dad

"Don't treat her like your daughter"

“Don’t treat her like your daughter”

Older guys often end up accidentally playing the role of daddy. Daddies are the types of guys who feel like, since they have so much more life experience, it’s their right to tell their girlfriends what’s right and wrong. Just because she’s younger than you doesn’t mean that she’s a baby. She’s a young woman, not an infant that you have to take care of. In public and in private make sure that you try to keep all of the “I know best” and “You young people…” and “You’ll understand when you’re older” type phrases to yourself.

Be Aware of Your Money

Part of the reason society feels so weird about men dating younger women is because it often comes across as a guy effectively buying the affection of her since he has money. So, when you go out, feel free to spoil her, but try not to flash the cash wad or show off your large watches. That way you end up looking like a boyfriend instead of her “daddy”.

Dress Well Enough

"Impress her with your looks"

“Impress her with your looks”

Again, if you look like old money there is going to be a hint of “I buy her love” but don’t let that get to you. If you didn’t take the time to dress well or take care of yourself then you’re going to look like a creeper who happened to land a hot young date. Then they’ll speculate what skill you must have in order to get close to her.

Check Your Tone

As you can tell a large part of not looking creepy is by making sure that you don’t go into the role of daddy. So make sure that when you’re together publically and privately that you check your tone. Are you being patronizing? Or are you being supportive? If ever you do get into a fight in public keep it cool, an angry tone doesn’t suit anyone and you’ll look like you’re lecturing her instead of dealing with something in your relationship. But if you end up seeming too firm about your side of it you could appear stern and leading, causing a controlling vibe. It’s a delicate balance that you’ll get the hang of eventually.



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