Easy Tricks that Will Impress the Ladies

Whether you’re going out with your buddies to the bar and want to pick up on ladies or just happen to see someone while you’re out, having a way to impress her is a definite conversation opener. Most men resort to some sort of pickup line to get the conversation going, but this is boring and makes you look like the rest of the guys out there. No, you want something fast and easy to learn so that you can drop panties with the best of them. Most of these tricks only take a day or less to learn, so get on it and you’ll have easy topics in no time.

The Rubik’s Cube

"She will appreciate your talent"

“She will appreciate your talent”

This isn’t the 80s, not only nerds use Rubik’s Cubes for entertainment. Now it’s a quirky little way to look like you’re smarter than you are. If you carry one around with you and pull it out while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Sure, she’ll notice that you’re setting yourself up as your own wingman, but who cares? The effort will make her appreciate it. This trick probably takes the longest to learn, but perfecting it is at your own pace. After your cube is scrambled it only takes a few turns to make all right again. There are tons of online tutorials to help you out, but pretty much you memorize the corner, center, and edge pieces that move about. Then you work on matching the center piece colors with their compadres.


"Find tutorials on internet; memorize it and impress her"

“Find tutorials on internet; memorize it and impress her”

Origami is a beautiful art form that dates back to ancient civilizations in Japan, so of course you’d want to use it to pick-up on women. The cranes have a lot of steps, but are the most recognizable and complicated looking ones out there. But since this is for the ladies, you should probably learn how to fold a flower. Go online and find a tutorial on a simple origami flower that looks impressive. Then memorize it. You’ll be able to make her a flower out of any paper around you. At the bar you can borrow a napkin, fold it up, and give it to her. She’ll be caught off guard, but think that it’s sweet enough to talk to you for a minute.

Pen Spinning


There’s not really a name for this, but most of us know what it is. Taking a pen, or any other long stick thing, and twirling it between your fingers as you pass it to the next is very impressive. The better part is that it’s also really easy. This trick has been mastered by many in as little as five minutes. You just have to start practicing, but watching a video can be really helpful. Sitting idly at the counter or waiting around for something can be more entertaining with this and will catch the attention of people around you. When you notice her looking at you, offer to show her how it’s done. You’ll spend some time together and you’ll have a definite in.


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