Hot Dates for a Cold Day

While Australia is pretty temperate most of the time, there are the winters that can get well below freezing. Even if you aren’t out in the desert, some places like New South Wales can get to a cool -4 degrees Celsius. So what are you to do when you’ve got a date and it’s the dead of winter? While ice skating is always on the table, that’s a little bit boring. You want to stand out. You’ve got to take your hot date out for something new and exciting while keeping warm. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Spa Day


While spa days aren’t traditionally a male dominated field, they can be amazing. Take it from those of us who have given in and crossed to the dark side: the dark side feels good. Spend a little bit of money and take her out to a couple’s spa treatment. This is complete with massages, hot tubs, saunas, you name it. Most places have a large range of services that include things like hot stone or oil massages. While the option is there for you both to get manicures and pedicures, that’s something that you could skip over and get just for her. You can then go on and swim in heated pools or just lounge in a warm, quiet room. The theme here is relaxation, which is accompanied by heat. A good way to spend a cold day.


"Enjoy the colourful fishes and have a good time"

“Enjoy the colourful fishes and have a good time”

The aquarium can be super romantic for some chicks. Maybe it’s the whole under the sea feeling or maybe it’s just all of those colorful fish, but either way you can get a lot of points by heading to an aquarium if you’re near one. While there’s definitely a tourism factor going on, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pretend that it’s summer time in Australia with your next date. This one can be used whether you’ve gone out before or if it’s the first time, too.

Eat Somewhere Weird

"Take her to a toilet themed restaurant"

“Take her to a toilet themed restaurant”

There are certain foods that everyone goes to when it’s cold outside, and it might be tempting just to keep eating them for comfort’s sake. But that does not a hot date make. Have the courage to take her out to a completely different place that’s kind of weird. Ask beforehand if she’s allergic to any sort of specific cuisine or really doesn’t like it, other than that though get on some Tandoori or Lutefisk. Even if you don’t end up finding something that you like, you can both talk about how weird everything tasted and go get hot chocolate.

Go See Something

A movie is pretty common as far as dates go, but that doesn’t mean that that has to be the thing you go see. All over cities and towns there are theaters and comedy shows that are bound to entertain. Whether it’s a small town, non-profit theater or one of the big city stages, you’ll find that the price of the tickets will be well worth it.


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