How to Bag a Bar Bunny

Men go to bars to pick up women, and women go there to meet men. Women always assume that men go to the bar all the time and men always assume that it’s the woman’s first time in the bar. It’s only when you’ve gone a lot yourself that you start to realize that some women really do spend every Friday night at the same bar. If you’ve waited a few weeks to make your move, you’ve actually put yourself ahead of the pack. Unlike men who go after her on their first night at the bar you know that you’re a regular, and she’s a bar bunny. This tells you all you need to know to bag this woman.

Buy Her a Drink

"Offer her a free drink"

“Offer her a free drink”

With all bar bunnies you need to play the game. This starts by having a drink sent over by the bartender, and ends with you going over there and watching her drink it. This is a classic move that men use on plenty of women, not just bar bunnies, but it’s especially important here. If she hangs out at the bar so much she must enjoy the pattern of the courtship; there are drinks, and then flirting, and then who knows where she’ll end up spending the night. It all has to start with the proper introduction, however, which in this case is definitely buying her a drink.

Talk about a Passion of Yours

"Be honest and interesting at the same time"

“Be honest and interesting at the same time”

You want to stand out from the other men in the bar, and the best way to do that is to talk about something you’re passionate about. Men at bars are fake and the women are faker; she’s used to putting on a persona and pretending to be someone you’d like. When you make the first move towards honesty you make yourself much more interesting than the man who just focuses on how much he works out. Standing out is the key to success, so don’t be afraid to bring up one of your less mainstream hobbies. Your honesty could inspire her to make a little confession to you as well, and when that happens you’re halfway to a cigarette and a late night walk home.

Get Her to Do an Activity with You

The start of the script has to be the same, so buy her a drink. That doesn’t say that the middle can’t be shaken up. Most bar bunnies just sit, and drink, and talk all night long. If you can shake her up and get her to do something really out of the ordinary she’s going to remember this night, and you, for a long time. If there’s something at the bar, that’s a good place to start: once she’s sang karaoke with you it’s that much more likely that she’s going to be willing to do more, like leave the bar and get some coffee or condoms.

Stay All Night


Even if it’s late for you, a bar bunny is used to being open for all hours, it’s not a real night out unless she leaves at closing.


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