How to Bag a Gamer Girl

If you took a survey of types of women, you’d find that the gamer girl is the newest big trend. It’s not that women have never, say, enjoyed video games; it’s the fact that since the hobbies that fall under “gaming” are becoming less taboo all the time more and more hot women are feeling comfortable admitting that they’ve always had a passion for this. Gamer girls these days are just as likely to be tall, thin, makeup artists as the grungy chubby stereotype, so it pays to know how to get them to your bed.

Make Her Feel Unique

"Assure her that she is the only one in your life"

“Assure her that she is the only one in your life”

Before you do anything else you have to appeal to her ego. She’s used to playing role playing games where her character is the center of the world, so you have to convince her that she’s going to be the center of yours. This might be tough for a short term fling, but if you’d consider anything even slightly longer term you can make her feel like all her fantasies are coming true… so that she can return the favor in the bedroom, with interest.

Fly Your Nerd Flag High

"Impress her by showing your interest in gaming"

“Impress her by showing your interest in gaming”

Hot mainstream women want hot mainstream men. Hot gamer girls want hot gamer guys. It’s the same principle. This means that if you’re a jock who’s never played a role playing game before you’re going to have a hard time getting an Xbox Bunny to give you the time of day. You have to show that you appreciate the finer things in gaming culture. Fire up that system or download Steam on your laptop so that you can speak her language and make her feel like she’s finally with someone who gets her. Solidarity of interests and identity is the key to getting laid.

Find out Her Fandoms

Find out which shows run her world and you’ll have the key to her heart, should you want to take it. All you have to do is reference her favorite television program and she’ll melt faster than a chocolate bar in July. This is handy for times when you’ve had an argument, or you’re just trying to break the ice and speed things up. Start with a reference, recognize all the nerdy stuff that she carries, and you’ll be ahead of the competition. Beautiful women get generic compliments all the time, but tying it back to her favorite pastime and fandom will make you the king.

Take the Focus off of Nerd Stuff

Of course, once you’ve cemented yourself in as her main man, shift the focus from nerdy stuff to sexy stuff. If you want to take her home tonight you have to get her to stop thinking about the next season of some television program and think about seeing the sunrise from on top of you. This is the phase where you close the deal. You’ve flashed your nerd cred, gotten recognized, and now it’s time to remind her that you two are more than fans; you can connect somewhere other than online.



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