Keeping Up with Her Sex Drive

Whether it’s just because you’re getting older or you’ve become comfortable in a relationship, there are definite times when your lady just wants to go at a moment’s notice and you’re not up for it. There are a ton of different factors, but all of them lead to her not getting any sex and you feeling bad about it. While there’s no pill or cream that will make you horny again, there are some lifestyle changes that you can make to keep up with her sex drive again. It takes some effort, but you’ll be glad that you did it in the long run.

Eating Right

"Strawberries are best to increase libido"

“Strawberries are best to increase libido”

It feels like everyone suggests eating right as a way to fix everything. But when it comes to your sex drive, it’s really true. If you’re eating fatty, processed, sugary foods you’re going to gain weight and feel heavy. Even if you aren’t fat yet, you’ll still have a very low energy level thanks to your body having to process all of that. Instead try to eat lighter foods with less calories to them. You don’t have to switch to salads, just foods that aren’t fried or heavily laden with dairy or fat. They’re a sometimes treat instead of an all the time food.


"Exercise daily"

“Exercise daily”

This is another thing like eating right, but it really does help. Even if you aren’t exercising to lose weight or gain muscle, you can get an energetic boost from it that will give you what you need to keep up with her sex drive. She wants you to do your part, and you can’t do that if you aren’t capable of physically moving that much.


"Sleep for at least seven hours each night"

“Sleep for at least seven hours each night”

Not getting enough sleep can deprive your brain and make you feel groggy or tired all the time. You don’t get enough rest for your body or your mind, so of course you aren’t going to be thinking of having sex. Try to get at least seven good, solid hours of sleep each night. That way you’ll be rested enough to do the deed and to pick up on her hints of when she wants to get it on.



Aphrodisiacs are finicky things. Everyone swears that raw oysters will make you feel ready to jump in bed, but there’s very little science behind this. You shouldn’t believe that there are foods or herbs that will make you feel more sexual, but you can pretend. The placebo effect can be very affective. It’s essentially tricking yourself into thinking that you did something that affects your body. Even if there’s no science involved, your brain doesn’t care and interprets the substance as magic sex powder.


Sex doesn’t necessarily have to mean penetration. If you seriously aren’t feeling up to it, then don’t do it. Instead a few times a week make things just about her. Go down and give her oral, use your hands, her toys, or whatever else you can think of to keep things exciting. You’ll probably find that this will turn you on, too.


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