Know From Her Texts If She Will Sleep With You On A First Date

"She is having regular chat with you"

“She is having regular chat with you”

When branching out into the world of dating using technological means, texting and messaging stand out as primary means of communication when considering possible dates. It’s important to be able to understand the world of texting so you may better seek out exactly what you want from a potential partner. And with us guys, that usually means we want our dates to put out as quickly as possible. We don’t want to waste time wining and dining a slew of women who are more interested in the cuisines we buy for them than finding a great sexual match. So how can we spot the women who are on our level and interested in having a good time? It’s simple if we take a deeper look at the language of their text messages.

Signs For Women To Avoid


As you begin to explore a new possible partner via texting, one of the first major signs is how often does she text you? Does she initiate more often or does she wait for you to take the lead? Ideally you want a woman who lets you control the flow of the conversation, but interacts insightfully and flirts with you often. But don’t confuse that for the desperate women willing to throw themselves at you. While desperate women may seem the ideal type to take to bed, in actuality they are often the ones most interested in commitment and getting a man to marry them. Be even warier of any woman who offers to have sex without a condom as many women use pregnancy as a ploy to reel you in for good. If anyone ever tells you she’s pregnant, don’t believe her until you watch her take a test or go to the doctor together. Desperate women will go very far to catch and keep a man. Avoid them at all costs. Desperate women tend to text constantly, and get easily offended if not replied to within a short and yet unspecified period of time. Often this time period changes to suit their mood and

Women Who Talk About Sex Are More Likely To Want Sex

"She likes to talk about sex because she wants sex"

“She likes to talk about sex because she wants sex”

For all desperate women will make promises of eternity and say they’ll sleep with you, they don’t often fixate on sex talk. It doesn’t have to be graphic to be effective, often casual conversations about sexual fantasies and preferred toys are the best sign you’ve found a woman who is actually interested in and knowledgeable in the areas of sexual prowess. The calmer and more nonchalant she is about sex, no matter how often you talk about it, the better a possibility she has for sex early in your relationship. If you find someone comfortable talking about sex with you, you can even ask if she’s interested in getting sexual with you right away. Honest communication about what you want can be great as long as everyone acts like adults. Women want sex just as much as men do, and her texts will tell you immediately ho long it will take you to have it with her.


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