Knowing When to Break It off

"When you enjoy spending time alone more than spending time with her"

“When you enjoy spending time alone more than spending time with her”

Dating can be a really tricky game. At first it feels great because you have a soft woman who is attracted to you. She gets what you get, laughs at what you laugh at, and you obviously are attracted to her. But as time goes on people get more comfortable and we start to see what’s really under the surface. It’s not that it’s bad, but things just aren’t as good as they were before. If you’re not sure if it’s time to break it off, there are a few signs that you can look for to help you make the hard decision.

No More Future

"You don't have much conversations regarding future"

“You don’t have much conversations regarding future”

When people first get together they secretly have dreams of the future. It could be something like taking a vacation together, moving in, or even having a house of their own. They’re all very over the top and we know that they’re unrealistic, but they still sneak in. The two of you share these little by little when you first begin dating. Eventually, though, if things aren’t working out you’ll notice that suddenly all of those plans fade away. Neither of you bring them up because neither of you are thinking them anymore. If you want to try and repair this you’ll have to dig deep, because this is a big sign that you should break up.

Oh That’s Cold

Every couple fights over stuff, that’s a reality. The severity of the fights varies, but you get over them and move on. But if things are starting to go downhill, you’ll notice that suddenly the fights get very, very vicious. On both ends! You both start pointing out each other’s flaws and press buttons that should be left well enough alone. You know that you’re doing it, but you just don’t care. Blame it on the heat of the moment, but even later on you don’t really feel all that bad about it. The cutting words were said and you’ll both remember them, even after apologizing.

Fighting Fast

"You find reasons to fight with each other"

“You find reasons to fight with each other”

On the same note as above, if you’re quick to anger with each other it’s a good sign that there’s some resentment going on. Before you could tease each other and get away with it, now one word is said wrong and there’s a fight. This quickness to fight generally means that you have anger inside of you over something and you’re just ready to let it out at her. Talk about it, otherwise you’ll have to break it off eventually.

You Want to Be Alone

All couples are inseparable at first. They spend as much time as humanly possible together just because it feels so good. Now, whether you live together or not, you just don’t even want to. You’re around each other when it makes sense, but sometimes you just want to stay at work or go out with your friends, just to avoid going home. Not wanting to see your girlfriend is pretty obviously bad. You either have to figure out why you want to not and fix it or break-up.



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