Relationship Status: Dating. How to Keep Things Semi-Casual

It seems like no one is really dating nowadays unless they’re “Facebook official”. If you’ve been living under a rock that pretty much just means that you publically declare for all of your online friends that the two of you are together. But the problem is that that involves everyone in your business. How are you supposed to maintain “dating” as your relationship status if everyone is lumping you together via your social network? The pressure can be hard and end relationships before they really go anywhere. In order to keep things casual, you’ll have to try a few of these tips.

Talk About It

"Talk to her about the relationship"

“Talk to her about the relationship”

There’s no use trying to keep anything casual if your partner isn’t on the same page as you. Talk to your new lady friend and tell her what you expect out of the relationship. Either you’ll both agree to keep things semi-casual or you’ll quickly find out that one of you is way more serious than the other.

What is Casual?

Keeping things casual doesn’t mean that you’re going to be sleeping around, but it doesn’t mean that you’re completely committed to each other either. This is where the talking it out bit comes into play. Figure out what the two of you think is casual. Most times it will be that you both like each other very much, but don’t want to say you’re exclusive. You go on dates, you do the sex thing, but you can still see other people in the same capacity. It’s when you move things onto the boyfriend and girlfriend stage that you have to start buckling down on that.

Be Sparse with Conversation

"Don't reply to her messages all the time"

“Don’t reply to her messages all the time”

Phones make it incredibly easy to keep connected to your circles. Unfortunately this means that she can text you at any time of the day vice versa. You may not think that sounds like a bad thing right now, but what that does is allow you to grow into whatever you’re going to be over the phone. And not even with your voices. It takes the intimacy out of it and speeds things along without letting you enjoy the ride that is dating. So call her when you want to set up a date, and that’s pretty much it. A good morning and goodnight text would be very sweet, but it can be easy to get caught up and start a texting conversation. Another option is to text her good morning and then call after she replies.

Always Be Busy

While you aren’t necessarily lying about this, you should keep busy, even if you aren’t. You might be busy playing games, but instead say that you’re hanging out with your buddies (even if it is online). Of course you’re going to want to make time for her, but having your own life is a surefire way of keeping things casual. That way you can always rely on having work early in the morning or plans with your family. Whatever thing in your life takes up the most of your time should always be available to excuse yourself.



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