Signs that She’s Out on a Girl’s Night

"She is dancing with a group of girls"

“She is dancing with a group of girls”

When you go out to the bar you are probably in the mind set to find a woman to take home with you. Flirting with every lady you see at the bar is the worst way to attract someone’s attention. Some of them have boyfriends, some aren’t interested in guys right now, and others are out on a girl’s night. Girl’s night is pretty much the kiss of death to most guys. Even though the ladies all want to drink fruity drinks and be scandalous, they’re also in more of a pack mentality of “screw guys”. No matter if they say that they want to get laid that night because overall it’s a group of women who are making room for girl time. That means that they don’t want to get interrupted by a guy trying to steal one of their friends. Keep an eye out for these signs that she’s having a hen party, and you’re too stag for it.


"You can hear the wooing of the women"

“You can hear the wooing of the women”

The most obvious sign of girl’s night is the uncontrollable amount of woos that you’ll hear. We all know the type. It’s the siren’s woo of a woman and her friends proclaiming their freedom while they take shots of alcohol. The wooing continues onto the dance floor, bathroom, and even just standing outside. Woos sort of make them feel like they can still be party animals, but are feminine about it.

Her Outfit

Women can oftentimes go all-out when they “hit the club” with their friends. They spend a lot of time on their makeup, wear clothes that most human beings would be ashamed to walk in while it’s daylight, and have shoes that kill their feet. If she’s looking really pretty and really uncomfortable with hair styled just so, she’s probably not going to be interested. While she definitely wants you to admire her, she doesn’t want you to end up getting the goods.

Dancing with Her


Many women frequent bars and clubs that have dance floors. This is pretty synonymous with ladies night. When you do find a woman that you want to test the waters with, take her out and see how she and her friends react. Do her friends keep interrupting you? Are they always somehow close by? Does she leave after one dance? If the answer to any of these is yes, then she’s taken by her friends, leaving no room for you. They’ll probably be overly defensive and assume that you’re trying to get in her pants (more so than you are) even though they also want you to see how attractive they are. It’s a game of show but no touching. Your best bet would probably be to go find another woman to mingle with who isn’t surrounded by her friends. You’ll see them by their body language being more open than those at a hen party and she’ll be more receptive to your approach physically. She’ll be way easier and more satisfying to try to connect with that night.


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