The Perfect Way to Ask Her Out

There’s a pretty stereotypical view on dating. Women want to be the romantic center of the story, while men just fill out the important bits like holding coats and putting together romantic dates. But there are times when men have had fantasies about asking a lady out or having her do something for him in a romantic way. When you’re eyeing someone and want to take things further with her, then you’ve got to find the perfect way to ask her out…perfect for both of you. She gets her knight in shining armor and you get to feel like the prince in your own story. It sounds pretty lame, but that’s better than texting her to see if she wants to be your girlfriend. Take the lame plunge, and ask her out by:


"Use this opportunity to ask her out"

“Use this opportunity to ask her out”

Taking someone out to dinner is a way to date in and of itself, but that’s a very mundane thing. People go to dinner all the time. It’s not even special. It might not even be a date unless you specifically call it that. Instead of all of this second guessing, use this vague opportunity as a way to really ask her out. Go all the way, order roses and wine and whatever else you think will make the moment special. Even if she tells you that she only wants to normally eat dinner with you, at least you’ll have really good food.


"Flatter her with the food you cooked and then ask her out"

“Flatter her with the food you cooked and then ask her out”

A picnic also revolves around food, but is so quaint and romantic on its own that it provides the perfect backdrop for you to ask. Prepare the food that you like best and then add a note around it. It could be something that’s tied onto a sandwich or a ribbon around the container of salad. Whatever it is, write the question, “Would you like to go out sometime?” This still keeps things loose enough to here you’re only going on a casual date, but also shows that you have a soft spot in your heart for her. You get to be the thoughtful, creative, romantic guy and she gets to have that experience with you.

On a Boat

This one doesn’t involve food, unfortunately, but it does involve a boat. Rent a boat and ask her if she’s ever been on one. Whether she has or not, tell her that she has to come with you so that the captain can drive the two of you around. Beforehand hire the crew (some specialize in this) or have some friends decorate the entire ship very romantically. Lights, music that you like, and a big cheesy placard that asks her to date you. It’s going to be a long ride if she says no after you set sail, so have her see it immediately. If worse comes to worse, you still get a boat ride.

In Person

Whatever you do, do it in person. It cannot be stressed enough that when you as someone out you will have a higher chance of success when you actually talk to her. Get dressed in your best clothes and be straightforward.



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