Things You Should Never Say to Her in a First Message

Your first message to a woman on a dating site is so important, and you need to make sure you’re sending her the right kinds of messages. If you send her a first message with something awful in it, you can say goodbye to your chances at hooking up with her. You really need to make sure you give off the right impression when you send your very first message her way. It’s not always easy to know what you should say when you message her for the first time, though. You may find yourself somewhat at a loss. That doesn’t need to be the case any longer – we’re here to help you understand the sorts of things you should never say to a woman the first time you message her. These things are not going to improve your chances at hooking up. In fact, they could actively ruin your chances. If you’re curious why, read on to find out all about it and what you need to do.

What You Want to Do to Her in the Bedroom

"She won't appreciate it"

“She won’t appreciate it”

We know that you probably have big plans for the women that you want to hook up with, but that doesn’t mean it is appropriate content for when you message her. No woman wants to open up their inbox and see a long detailed description of what a guy wants to do to her vulnerable and naked body. This isn’t a badly written romance novel. That kind of thing just doesn’t fly, so you should never do it. You may be able to get into some dirty talk with her eventually, but not when you’re just messaging her for the first time. She won’t appreciate it or like it at all.

What You Think about Her Sexy Assets

"Talking about her body parts can irritate her"

“Talking about her body parts can irritate her”

Telling her that she has nice boobs might seem flattering to you, but it’s not appropriate. It is especially inappropriate in your first message to her, so you should avoid sending her a message like this if you can. No woman wants to hear this the first time a guy talks to her. It’s okay to call her gorgeous or beautiful, but try to stay away from specifics that have to do with her physical assets or her lady bits. She won’t want to hear it from you.

That You’re Only Looking for Sex

Sure, maybe you just want to hook up. Maybe your profile even makes that obvious. However, you shouldn’t make it obvious when you send her your first message. Telling her you just want to have sex with her and nothing else is not charming. She’s going to pass you by if you send her a message like this, so don’t do it. You don’t need to sabotage yourself by sending her an awful first message. Have some common sense and think about your message before you send it to her so you don’t wind up ruining your chances at having a date or hookup with the woman of your dreams.



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