Ways To Boost Self Confidence In Your Shirtless Look

Living somewhere hot like Australia usually means you end up spending some of the hottest days shirtless, whether or not you’re going to the beach or the desert. It can be a great way to get the attention of the ladies but only if you know how to milk the situation. Confidence is key and extremely hard to fake. You need to get to a point where you feel comfortable bearing all to complete strangers of all kinds. Not just the hot chicks are going to see you and you may receive some unwanted attention so it’s important to feel good about yourself. If you look down and see a little flab, that’s fine. Exercise might help you too, but start with feeling good about yourself first and use that as a stepping stone for further improvements.

It Doesn’t Have To Mean The Gym, But It Does Mean Exercise

"Regular push-ups will keep you fit"

“Regular push-ups will keep you fit”

Getting fit for hot shirtless whether can involve going to a gym to use weights and other methods to tone endlessly. That’s great if you can foot the bill, but sadly a lot of us don’t have that luxury or time. It’s just as easy to get a six pack in your living room or in a grassy field (or sandy beach if you don’t mind sand getting sweat glued to you). Sit Ups are your best friend. Do them until you hit 100. Do them until you hit 100 several times a day. Do them until you can feel a burning in your abdomen, and even then keep going. Push-ups are similarly great for upper body strength and getting some defined biceps. If you just alternate those 2 things, you will increase your appeal quickly, easily, and for free. You don’t have to be rich or have much space to get results and quickly! This is an easy foolproof way to gain confidence in yourself, your body, and your ability to set goals and follow through on them.

Tanning Isn’t Just For The Ladies

"Give a natural look to your body with a fake tanner"

“Give a natural look to your body with a fake tanner”

If you want to look good outside, make it look like you belong outside! A pasty complexion isn’t going to do you much good and you will most likely turn into a red lobster if you suddenly spend all day in the sun. Build up your tolerance slowly with walks outside, yes, shirtless walks outside, even just around your own neighborhood. If you have a hard time getting enough time outside to build up a base coat, try using fake tanner instead. It can give you a helpful boost that when combined with actual sun exposure looks like you spend way more time having fun in the sun than you actually get to. Be careful not to only use fake tanner or go overboard with it as you may project a more orangish glow if that becomes the case. You want to keep a natural look to drive the ladies crazy with your beautiful washboard abs that you’ve perfectly tanned. Look effortless and feel your confidence increase for it!



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