What a Woman’s Fingernails Can Tell You

Women take way better care of themselves than most guys do and often go to unnecessary measures to do so. They painfully wax, pluck, shave, smooth, and scrub themselves just to be the prettiest they can be. It’s not always for the sake of men looking at them, but what they do end up doing can give us some hints as to what we can expect from her if we approach. For instance, a woman’s fingernails are such a small part of her body, but if you look at them you’ll be able to tell a few things about her personality and nature. If you’re no expert on fingernails already, then keep reading for a few helpful tips.

The Clean Nail

"Clean nails display that she cares for her body"

“Clean nails display that she cares for her body”

If a woman has a clean, bare nail then it’s safe to say that she’s not entirely girly. Even if she wears makeup, taking the time to paint her nails is too much. But she does keep them clean, telling you that she cares about her own personal hygiene. The nail that is long and filed to keep its shape means that she does care about how she looks, but prefers natural, clean beauty. Recognize this and compliment her on some similar facet about her looks. For example: “You have such nice skin. It’s naturally flawless.” While you are guaranteed to feel stupid saying that, she’ll be thrilled that you notice the product of hours of soaping and lotioning.

The Short, Maintained Nail

"Short nails show that she is a tomboy"

“Short nails show that she is a tomboy”

Women who have short, well maintained nails might possibly be leaning toward the gay side. While there is no way fool-proof to identify a lesbian other than asking, the nails are a start. Since lesbians only have their hands to work with so far as insertion goes, they’ve got to make sure that there are no snagging edges. Pair this type of nail with a more masculine or androgynous look and it’s even more likely.

The Stained Nails

"Such women are bold and sexy"

“Such women are bold and sexy”

Nails that are stained with color show an artistic woman. It could be that she uses paints that stain them or even just nail polish that doesn’t come off all the way. Most of the time it’s the brighter, bolder colors that do this, hence the artsy aspect. To make conversation you can even use this as an opening. “Are you an artist?” You might as ask you point to her nails. Even if she’s not, you have something to go from now.

The Manicure


There are few types of women that really enjoy manicures. The process of getting fake nails is that they get sanded down and bonded to an acrylic nail shape. This is hardcore and probably feels weird, so you know that she’s in it to win it if she’s willing to do that. In the event that she just has nicely manicured nails, she still likes to take care of herself. No matter what variety you find, you know that this woman enjoys relaxing and spending time (and money) on herself. You should expect to do the same.


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