When to Use a Pick up Line

Pickup lines are a man’s best friend. There’s nothing quite as good as knowing that you don’t have to think of something totally original to say to a woman you’ve never met. Sure, you’re going to have to start having a real conversation shortly after that, but until then you’re going to be okay. It can take a lot of the pressure off an otherwise fraught experience. However, pickup lines aren’t going to serve you well in every situation. Here’s a quick guide on when it’s a good idea to use a pickup line.

Is Cold Approaching Even worth It

"A bar is a perfect place to use a pickup line"

“A bar is a perfect place to use a pickup line”

First of all, ask yourself if cold approaching a woman is going to pay off for you, statistically. There are places where people assume they’re going to get hit on. If she’s at a bar, well, then it’s obvious that she’s going to get approached. If she’s in the grocery store, probably not. Before you waste your own time, think if this is location and time is even worth it to try. There’s a one in a billion shot that that woman at a funeral wants to hook up with you, so it’s not even worth it to ask her. On the other hand, a pickup line is a good way to test the water at a place that’s less clear, like a private party at a friend’s house.

When It’s Obviously a Joke

Pickup lines are the best to use when it’s obvious that you’re not serious about it. “Did it hurt? When you fell from Heaven?” isn’t going to be taken seriously by any woman anymore. She knows that you’re not really calling her an angel; laugh along with her, and suddenly you’ve gotten a conversation off to a great start. This only works if you’re using a line so cheesy that it’s obvious you don’t mean it literally. This is really the only way to use these jokes at all.

When She’s Been Giving You Signals

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It’s pretty clear when a woman has been giving you signals. Yes, it can be hard to tell in borderline cases, but typically you’ll know by the end of the evening even if you never go up to her. If she’s been looking at you all night, if she’s been sending other men walking, and if you find yourself turning around to see her closer to you time and time again, it’s time to go over there and break out the pickup lines. Why? Because it indicates that she wants you to make a move. Make the joke and suddenly you’re hilarious, pretending that you were the one who wanted to start the conversation more. This lets her feel like a pursued woman and still acknowledges her interest.

When You Want Fast Results

Pickup lines don’t require much from you, but they make it clear which women are interested in a conversation and which aren’t. If she doesn’t respond well to the pickup line, just move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea who wouldn’t mind a good laugh.



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