Why Personal Care Is Even More Important In Hot Climates When Trying To Attract Women

When you live in a warm place there are certain realities you will inevitably have to accept if you expect any woman to give you the time of day. No one wants to date or be around a guy who smells like an entire gym locker room by himself, and it’s unfortunate but it simply happens faster to us guys in hot and humid climates. You may think it’s as simple as slapping on some deodorant and calling it a day, but sadly this often far from enough to satisfy a woman’s sensitive nostrils. Learn to be aware of yourself and your habits as you consciously embark on a mission to make yourself more appealing even on the hottest days.

Is That Me That I Smell?

"Use cologne to hide that stinky smell"

“Use cologne to hide that stinky smell”

It may not look very professional, but go ahead and take a big whiff of your armpits on a hot day. Chances are you put on deodorant and still smell like a pig. You shouldn’t have to reapply to get through a day, but try some extra strength out. If that isn’t enough, talk to your doctor about prescription strength deodorant. It’s not a crime to smell, but it’s a deathblow to your dating life to not take care of it. If you still need some more wow factor, try a good strong cologne. Find something that covers or works well with the smell of your deodorant to maximize your chances of covering unwanted odors.

What Am I Wearing?

"Wear light cotton clothes"

“Wear light cotton clothes”

This isn’t just a matter of style and color and fashion, but matter of literally what are you wearing? What is it made out of? Is it light cotton or thicker polyester? Certain fabrics retain or let out heat better than others. Some fabrics allow more airflow and breathability. Ideally, you want to look for thinner fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton or hemp or even silk if you want to get fancy. Trying them on, they should feel softer and not like your trapping in all your body heat with polyester a T-shirt. These kinds of fabrics will allow sweat to evaporate much more quickly and not build up on you until you are a walking toxic disaster.

What Else Can I Even Do?

Well aside from applying positive scents, you can remove bad ones. Take care to shower at least once a day and use soaps with more strong positive smells. Be sure to scrub any areas that collect sweat and not just wash your hair. Don’t rewear your clothing, especially your shirts. If it’s been on for a day, wash it before wearing it again. No, Febreeze does not count as washing. Try to frequent areas with air conditioning or shade and don’t bask in the heat unless you intend to take your shirt off. Be aware of yourself and perform occasional checks throughout the day, applying more cologne or a fresh shirt if the need arises. Women always prefer men who do not offend their sense of smell, and this will put you leagues ahead of many men.



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