Why You Should Take a Second Look at the Tomboy

"A tomboy can offer you more than you'd expect"

“A tomboy can offer you more than you’d expect”

There are many guys out there that are all about the girly girls with long hair and hourglass figures, but that’s not all that’s on the table. As the generations come out, diversity becomes greater, thus, producing babes of all magnitudes. Aside from the feminine women you’ll find sporty girls, artsy girls, tomboys, etc. These women are definitely off of the beaten path as far as what our nation stereotypically goes for. They may have narrower bodies, more muscular frames, or even just have masculine features. That doesn’t make them gay and it doesn’t make them any less well in bed. Tomboys have it harder as they age, considering that it’s thought of as a more juvenile stage that women can go through. But if you’re willing to look past clichs, then you’ll find that these ladies can offer you more than you’d expect.

Explore Something New

Opening your mind and exploring something new can alter every aspect of your life. From the way you look at others to the way you think about your past can all change just by doing something like dating someone outside of the norm for you. That’s because your perspective shifts. You start seeing beauty in all women, even if it’s not sexual. You start considering expanding other parts of your life, like trying new foods. Give yourself a new look at all that you do, just by getting to romantically know a new type of person. Thankfully since dating isn’t marriage you don’t even have to make it that serious. A few dates could do the trick, and just imagine the long run.

Explore the Untapped

"Having sex with her would be a new experience"

“Having sex with her would be a new experience”

Many of the more tomboy type women out there don’t always have a lot of romantic history. They may hook up here and there or have had a few relationships, but as for the whole fling thing, it may be something new to them. New experiences can be exciting and a little scary. Since you’re both exploring one together, why not make the most of it and really go for something untapped. Whether she’s a virgin or just hasn’t tried something that wasn’t the Missionary position having sex with her is bound to bring both of you something new.

Explore Hobbies

Whatever it is about her besides her looks that makes her a tomboy can be something that you might enjoy too. Sports, camping, weight lifting, or whatever it is should be done together at least a few times. It not only makes a bond between you, it’s also an activity that she enjoys. She’s still a woman, she wants you to try her things so that you might enjoy them too. This gives you the opportunity to flirt with her competitive nature and test yourself against her skill. Not many guys get to do this type of thing with their girlfriends, so take advantage of it. If you can find a woman who’s into the masculine things that you are and also is attractive enough to have sex with, you’ve struck gold.



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