The Whens and Hows of Asking for That Second Date (and More)

If you’re totally into her, then you’re definitely going to want that second date. There’s a way to do it, of course, and not end up scaring her off or coming on way too strong.

You need to set it up right.

A second date is obviously in order here. That being said, if you’re struggling with how to be confident, this might be something that you struggle with when it comes to asking her.

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There’s definitely a way that you can ask her out on that second date while still being fun, smooth, and confident about it. She’ll appreciate it, and you’ll feel better about it.

There’s no reason that you have to rush, of course. Going in too fast is never the way to be, but if you wait too long, the moment might be lost. You’ve got to find that peaceful median.

That Second Date Doesn’t Have to be a Struggle. Here’s How to Really Ask Her Out For It.

First of all, there’s no reason that you need to jump on her way too quickly about it. If you end up rushing the second date, she’s probably going to feel like you’re coming on too strong.

This is why timing is so important. You should probably wait until the next day in the morning or the afternoon to mention exactly how much fun you had over a text.

You can tell her then that you’d love to meet up again as well. This will probably be a great time for her, as she’ll have had time to process the date that you already had.

Be specific.

The more specific you are about your next meet-up times, the better. This is one of the best ways to learn how to ask her out, because if you’ve got plans, she’s going to want to know them.

You need to really make sure that these first few dates that you have cater to her, and the things that you will know that she will like, judging by the conversations you’ve had.

Catering to her in this way will open up a number of doors, because she’ll realize that you’re actually serious about her, and want to spend more time with her in the future.

Vagueness kills your chances.

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Don’t ever just say ‘sometime.’ She’s not going to really be into a guy that can’t be confident enough to come up with actual dates, times, and ideas for future dates.

She’s going to want something concrete to better plan her own schedule around it, anyway. That’s why you need to be courteous enough to plan enough in advance for this.

The more planning you put into it, the better. That’s going to make her way more likely to say yes to a second date, and hop in that car with you for many nights to come.

It makes a difference.

Good luck!


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