Tricky Conversation Traps That You’ve Got to Avoid

Talking to women can notably be pretty nerve wracking for some, and that might be you included. That’s understandable, especially if you haven’t had a lot of luck in the past.

You’ve got to relax.

It’s easier said than done to relax, but it all starts with knowing which conversation topics to really avoid when you’re learning how to talk to ladies, both in person and online.

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The right conversation topic isn’t always going to come up right away, but by avoiding other conversations that can really end up making your whole date blow up, you stand a better chance.

These are the conversation topics that can usually make things turn into a conflict more so than a fun date experience. Avoid them, and everyone’s going to be happier.

With the Right Conversation Topics, You Can Have Fun. That’s Why These are the Ones to Avoid. Here’s What to Watch Out For.

First and foremost, you need to avoid talking about yourself too much. This is because if you start on that line of thought, it can really paint a picture of someone self-absorbed.

You need to also avoid talking about any of your past dates or breakups. Sounding bitter about that or even just remotely stuck in the past isn’t a good idea.

You need to mostly talk about the future, and the positive things that you have going for you. If the subject falls on you, be humble, but make sure not to downplay too much.

Keep it positive.

At all times, you need to keep the conversation positive. Getting down a negative downhill slope isn’t going to make your date enjoyable; it’ll just make things awkward.

If you focus on shared interests instead and about how much you love doing those things, that’s an easy way to keep the conversation going in a positive, pleasant way.

All in all, just don’t focus on failures. Focus on what makes you happy, and she’ll be able to feed off of that energy and have a great time talking to you in the same way.

Don’t bring in heavy topics.

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When you’re chatting with women for the first time, it’s better to avoid topics like politics, religion, or heavy social issues that are affecting quite a few people right now.

Even if you think that you already know her pretty well by your conversations online, you never know what might end up coming up in a conversation like this in person.

It’s better just to avoid it altogether, and to focus on things that you both like instead. By avoiding political topics, you’re avoiding a verbal battle that can turn uncomfortable.

Just focus on fun.

A good time is what you both want. Think about that instead!


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