Deal or No Deal?: How to Deal With Conflicting Expectations

No matter how compatible you and your newfound date are, there’s going to end up being some differences. That’s just how the cookie crumbles, and you have to work around it.

There might be some dealbreakers.

If you’ve got some serious differences between the women that you’re meeting online, then you’ve got to figure out if she’s really going to be worth pursuing a relationship with.

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There comes a point in time when you’ve got to ask yourself–can you really make this work? Is it worth it? If you find the answer being ‘no’, then you’re in a sticky spot.

No matter how similar some of your interests are, you’re going to really struggle if you two have conflicting religious views or political views, for example. This will come up pretty quickly, usually.

Conflicting Interests are One Thing…But Conflicting Views and Expectations? Here’s How to Get Past That.

Conflicting hobbies are usually the most workable of ‘issues’ that you’ll find yourself coming across whenever you’re meeting women online and trying to date them.

Finding love online isn’t going to always yield a 100% match, which is the exact same in real life. For example, a couch potato won’t love a marathon runner in every circumstance, but it can happen.

The key here is having at least some common ground. Without it, you’re just not going to have anything to talk about. If she’s not interested in a hobby of yours, don’t force it.

Expectations are different.

Pissed Couple

If you two are having some seriously conflicting issues between the kind of relationship that you’re looking for, that’s when the real issues start to rear their ugly head.

This can be the difference between wanting a long-term relationship, and wanting something that’s just casual fun on the side. This can put a rift between the two of you quickly.

If you’re the one wanting a long-term relationship, for example, trying to convince her to settle down with you might only end in heartbreak, and you’ll be back to square one.

Be gentle about conflicting viewpoints.

If you two want to try and work things out about your conflicting views, hobbies, or expectations, it’s best to start with small, careful discussions about this sort of thing.

If you can’t even do that much, then the chance of your relationship ever really going far is a very slim one. You’ve got to be able to communicate about your differences.

Communication is the key to fixing any and all relationship issues that you might have. Without this and without the resolve to make it happen, it’s never going to go anywhere.

Good luck.

It’s up to you to make these pushes for a happy, harmonious relationship!


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