Using Online Personas to Boost Confidence and Score You Dates

An online persona is one fantastic way to build the confidence you might not otherwise have when it comes to online dating. If you need that extra boost, it can be just what you need.

There’s no shame in that.

Not everyone’s going to be 100% truthful online. We’re not telling you to sit back and lie about every single facet of your life, but we’re telling you to play up certain things.

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An online persona isn’t just for fights on Internet forums. They’re here to give you the confidence that you need to really start standing out in the dating sphere online.

It doesn’t take much effort to pick one part of yourself to amplify for the sole purpose of a solid online persona that’s going to make you much more popular with the ladies.

With the Right Online Persona, You’re Going to End Up Seeing a Huge Difference. Here’s How to Do It Right.

Pick what you want to project, and go for it. That’s the best way to form your online persona at first, and it’s going to keep you from going way too overboard in general.

There’s nothing that you really need to pick that isn’t too far from your normal state. If you’d rather be more suave, that’s one thing, and your online persona can reflect that.

You’ll get exhausted if you pick something that’s way out of left field, however. That’s common sense that you’ll always need to remember, and you probably can’t fake it until you make it.

You don’t want to lie.

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If you want to act like a millionaire, that’s one thing, but saying that you are and not having the actual capital to back it up isn’t going to end up being what your date wants.

There’s no point in going extremely off the rails with your online persona. You need to make sure that you aren’t lying about every single facet of your life to get what you want.

By picking a trait that you’d like to amplify instead, you’re bettering yourself and attracting more women. That’s the full circle that you should be gearing up to experience.

Be careful about it.

The important thing to always remember about online personas is that they’re there to teach you how to be confident–not to lie to any potential woman’s face online.

If you suddenly drop the persona, there’s a good chance that she’s going to be offended. This is why you need to make sure that you’re projecting improvements for the long term.

Any and all relationship that you build up online is going to be based on what she sees of you. Don’t lie to her about who you are, or you’ll never end up being happy.

Use common sense.

The less overboard you go, the better!


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