Scoping Out the Perfect Location For a Successful First Date

Location is a good portion of making your dates successful. With a great date location, you’re going to make a very solid impression, and she’s going to be really excited about it.

She’ll want to come back for more.

One of the key factors of any part of dating is the place that you’re taking your lady. Just like in real estate, location matters, and it can make your dates about ten times more fulfilling.

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With the right location, your lady is not only going to be impressed, but she’s going to have a much better time. She’s going to be way more inclined to go on that second date.

It’s extremely important for you to choose your dating locations with her interests in mind, too. Don’t just focus on yourself–you want to impress her, especially the first time.

With the Right Location, She’s Going to be Thrilled. Here’s How to Make That Happen.

If she’s got a particular interest, it’s up to you to cater to it. You want to pick something that she’s ben chatting about frequently in order to get on her good side.

For example, if she’s something of an outdoorsy type, a walk or run in the park is something that she’ll probably really enjoy. The same applies for someone that loves superhero movies–take her to one.

Don’t just settle on generic locations. That’s never going to make her think that you’re actually putting forth effort, and it’s probably just going to leave her bored and disappointed.

Don’t get too overwhelming.

The first date needs to be casual. This means that you don’t need to sweep her off her feet with a diamond-encrusted steak dinner, for example; keep it slow and easy.

Expensive restaurants and gifts should be coming later, so that you have something to build towards once you’ve actually established that you’re in a long-term relationship.

The first date needs to really be a great way to meet in person, and get to know one another better. Pick something that you’ll both be able to chat through and enjoy.

Don’t get too personal.

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Because you’re meeting someone from the Internet, it’s probably not a good idea to end up trying to invite her to your house, or trying to invite yourself over to her house.

This can intimidate her, and make her wonder what your real intentions are. Focus on an amazing date spot instead, and not your apartment that probably needs cleaning.

By focusing on this, you’re setting a standard and getting off on the right foot. You can’t ask for much more than that, especially if you’re trying to make her happy and comfortable.

It’s worth it.

A little bit of thought now is going to turn into a lot of fun times later on. Think hard about that first date, and take her somewhere that she’s really going to remember.


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