Red Flags to Watch For When Surfing Dating Profiles

Not every single profile out there is safe and sound for you. There are a lot of red flags out there that you should be looking for, which can save you a lot of grief during your search for a date.

You need to know what to watch for.

One of the easiest ways to avoid dating scams is to know exactly what most red flags of those scams are. You can start by looking at online profiles to find out all about that.

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Obviously, not every single scammer out there is going to be cookie cutter and obvious. There are a lot of bad eggs that are going to end up blending in more than others.

Still, it’s important to know how to keep your eyes wide open for this kind of thing. Once you’ve gotten that down pat, you’re going to have a much better dating experience.

The More You Can Spot Scammers, the Better Off You’ll Be. Here’s a Quick Cheat Sheet For You.

It’s important that you start off by checking out profiles that aren’t steeped in negativity. While they aren’t necessarily scammers, they aren’t the kind of ladies you want to be around.

Think about it. Would you want to date someone who is hung up on their ex, and all they can do is end up chatting about them nonstop? Chances are, the answer is no.

With these kinds of profiles, you can pretty much assume that the girl isn’t going to be any more pleasant in person. Skip them, and go onto someone much more optimistic about life.

Generic profiles are no good.

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You’ll see a lot of profiles online that are basically just as generic as they can possibly be–or even mostly blank, except for a single profile picture and not much else.

Chances are, these are profiles that are more or less posted there by bots, or by members that are no longer there. The chances of their profiles being hacked is higher.

Skip out on these profiles. It’s not like you know anything about these girls from an empty profile, anyway, so your chances at starting up a good conversation are slim.

Avoid profiles with links.

If you stumble across a profile that has a ton of links in it, the greatest form of online dating advice that we can give you here is to run away screaming and never come back.

That’s because they’re either an escort, a cam girl, or some kind of phisher that’s looking to steal your information and end up scamming you for all that they can online.

The point here is: don’t waste your time. There will be plenty of other profiles out there that have so much more in them other than a few links and a few pornographic pictures.

Always be diligent.

When in doubt, if the profile looks too good to be true…it probably is. This will help you stay safe online, and it’s going to make your dating experience so much more pleasant.


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