First-Date Faux Pas, and How to Recover from Them Gracefully

A lot of things can end up going wrong on your first date. Slipups can really end up happening at any time, but the chances of it happening on that first date seem to always be higher.

You can get through this.

It all ultimately comes down to learning how to be confident. Even if you mess up, you’ve just got to power through it, and know that it’s totally okay to apologize to her.

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The first step in any screw up is knowing that it’s okay to mess up in the first place, so long as you own up to it, and you don’t end up making a huge deal about it.

She’s probably going to be more than understanding about most things. You’ve just got to watch her, know when you’ve messed up and crossed a line, and own up to it.

Mess-ups Are Going to Happen. It’s Inevitable, But it Doesn’t Have to be the End. Here’s How to Fix It.

Apologizing is the first step to fixing any problem like this. You’ve got to know when to apologize, and when in doubt, you need to realize that apologizing is the smart thing to do.

You also need to be sincere whenever you do apologize. A simple, heartfelt ‘sorry’ is far more socially graceful than falling to your knees in front of her and weeping.

Making it into something theatrical is just going to make things more awkward and difficult, no matter what the cause was. Keep this in mind, and you’ll see more success.

Be gracious about it.

If you messed up, misspoke, or just generally made her sad, you need to find the root of the problem, apologize profusely, and tell her that it will absolutely never happen again.

Listen, we all make mistakes. Everyone’s had a moment where they wanted to kick themselves in the face and never get up again…but you’ve got to move on from it, too.

This is one of the more important first date tips that we can give you. If you’re capable of moving forward from it, she will be, too, and there’s no reason to stew on it.

Learn from the experience.

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It’s never easy to take something positive away from these experiences, but it can at least make it easier for you to figure out what you should never bring up again around her.

All the grace in the world won’t count for much if you keep making these kinds of mistakes, so resign yourself to making sure that it just never happens again, or she won’t date you again.

She’s not going to be interested in a guy that can’t remember the mistakes he makes and not to make them happen again. That’s the sort of thing that will make a difference.

Keep focusing on fun.

When in doubt, try to make up for it with positivity. It makes a difference!


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