Was She Really That Into You? The Signs She Wants to Meet Again

You might be interested in a second date, but is she? This is a common question that pops up and can lead to a lot of insecurity if you aren’t entirely sure of what she wants.

Don’t let that happen.

This is why you really do need a guide to body language. There’s no point in hemming and hawing and trying to guess everything about what she wants without a guideline.

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Women aren’t as mysterious as you might be led to think that they are. They’re people just like you are, and they really have some pretty basic signs to watch out for.

Keeping an eye on these signs can make everything surprisingly straight forward and easy to deal with. You just need to know what to look for, of course, and we’ve got you covered.

The More You Know About What She Wants, the Better. You’ll Have a Better Chance at Second Dates, too, so Read On.

Generally, you can tell a lot by the conversations that she had with you all night. If she was pretty eager to keep chatting with you all the time, that’s a great sign, first of all.

You need to be worried if she was a little too quiet and didn’t really have much to say. If you felt like you were doing most of the talking, that’s when it gets a little worrisome.

That being said, if she was engaged with you and willing to bring up new topics herself, that’s a great start. She’s probably pretty interested in going on another date with you.

Body language counts.

There’s a lot that you can look for in body language, but it’s best to know the basics that can really tell you what women think. You’ll have a start above the rest with this info.

That’s because if she’s turning towards you, smiling, and looking you in the eye, she’s probably pretty interested in you. Relaxed postures can also say a lot about her interest.

If she’s hunched over, turning away, or generally not interested in ever looking at your face, she’s probably not as interested as you might have thought she would be.

Some ladies are more private.

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If she’s not lining up directly with all of these signs, don’t stress out about it. Chances are, she might be a little bit more private. It’s going to come down to the nitty gritty details.

Every single woman out there is different, and you can’t fit them all into a cookie cutter mold. Sometimes, it’s just best to be blunt, and ask if she’d like to really meet up again.

It’s also best to talk to her and find out if she really enjoyed your evening out together. If she did, she’ll say so, and if she didn’t, then she’ll probably tell you she needs more time.

Don’t get bent out of shape.

Whatever happens, just be cool about it. She might need more time, and that’s okay!


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