What Ladies Want (and Really Don’t) From Dating Sites

The more you know about what ladies are really looking for from a dating site, the better off you’re going to be. You’re going to be in the minority, which will make you stand out.

You need this kind of a head start.

You’ll be set apart from the crowds because you aren’t going to be contributing to the problems that most guys are bringing to the dating site scene. That’s the first plus of knowing what women want.

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There’s a shocking lack of awareness about what women go through on dating sites. They’re harassed and bullied from day one, and it’s even the ladies wearing full-body armor, it seems like.

This is why it’s extremely important for you to be able to curb any and all desire to catcall online, and to not be the problem that most women are dealing with every time they sign on.

The More You Know About How to Be a Gentleman Online, the More Likely You’ll Be What She Wants. Here’s How.

It’s not as hard as you might think in order to give her what she’s really looking for online. Ladies are the gender in demand, so the logical response to that is to spoil her.

She’s going to be getting dozens of messages that she really doesn’t want daily. Only a few of them are going to interest her, and they aren’t going to be one-word ‘hi’ messages.

You need to actually read her profile before you ever end up sending her a message. A message that’s tailored to her is going to stand out one hell of a lot more.

She wants dates, not harassment.

Women are using dating sites for the same reason that you are–to succeed at online dating and meet someone that actually seems like an interesting, fun person.

This is why you taking the time to send her a message that actually pertains to her interests is going to be one hell of a lot better than any guy sexually harassing her.

If you can take the time to actually read that profile and formulate an intelligent message that caters to what she’s into, she’s going to actually be into you as a person.

Be patient.

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There’s no woman on earth that’s going to be attracted to a man that flips his lid if he doesn’t get a response. Women aren’t going to be into being rushed with their messages.

If she doesn’t respond to your first message, you can send a second one a few days later–but after that, drop it. Don’t be the reason she feels terrified of logging on again.

Women appreciate guys that let them go at their own pace. Remember, you’re not the one in demand here. She is, and you want to make yourself out to be a catch instead of a burden.

Be a gentleman.

If you’re anything but polite to her, she’s going to remember it. You don’t want to set that kind of precedent!


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