Korean Brides

Don’t you know where to find a wife? What about another country? If a man can’t meet an ideal woman for a long time, it simply means she is not in the same location as him. The world is full of beauties, so don’t limit yourself. Fortunately, there is no need to travel in order to find a girlfriend as the Internet is full of dating sites that gather people who want a serious love relationship. Mail order wives aren’t something unusual in the 21st century. Therefore, it’s only necessary to determine the nationality of the potential wife. What about Koreans?


Asian women are considered the most beautiful and attract men with their mysteriousness. Korean wife is a guarantee of a strong marriage and a cozy home. They are known for their ability to make husbands happy with their care, support, and love.


Everything you need to know about Korean women


Research shows that Korea is one of the most popular countries for western men to find a wife. Such statistics are explained by a large number of positive qualities of local girls. They drive men crazy with their looks and characters.




Everyone knows that Asian cultures haven’t yet taken gender equality from the Western world, so they raise boys and girls differently. Young Korean mail order wives are real ladies who have grown up with the thought of dedicating themselves to their families and husband. Every bride accepts this fact responsibly and learns to be good housewives. It seems absurd for a feministic Europe and America. But local beauties take it as a tribute to traditions because their mothers and grandmothers did the same.


However, it’s worth noting that modern brides look at the free behavior of Western girls and become more confident. Now they also want to work and realize their potential. By the way, this is one of the reasons why they are looking for foreigners who allow them to do so. Their fathers, brothers, or Korean husbands don’t accept this.


Practice shows that every girl is unique. They listen to different music, love sports or art, read fiction or detectives, etc. This will all be revealed while communicating with a bride.




These exotic beauties attract men from all over the world with their dark hair, almost black eyes, and fair skin. You always pay attention to these girls, don’t you? Many representatives of the stronger sex dream of waking up with such a wife nearby. Korean ladies are very attentive to their body and skin. They know how to preserve youth and beauty for many years. Many people compare them to porcelain dolls as their face is incredibly smooth and radiant.


Young Korean girls love beauty trends and cosmetics. Each bride has dozens of creams, lipsticks, palettes of eye shadows, etc. They also love beauty procedures as the local cosmetology is very high quality and affordable.


If you are tired of vulgar girls with huge make-up, you will love Korea. Local brides dress modestly and emphasize their femininity with details. Such a wife shows her sexuality only to her husband and hides it from the whole world. Also, Asian women are unique and can amaze with new looks every day. They often select outfits according to fashion and personal style.


Family and traditions


As for a family, Korean brides have great respect for their parents. Local culture is based on thanks to the past and those who raise new generations. A woman of any age listens to their moms and dads. They are afraid to go against their will because they don’t want to bring disgrace on a family. These thoughts also make girls want to get married early because tradition demands. Fortunately, relationships with foreigners are not prohibited.


Why men choose Korean wives


Many representatives of the stronger sex like the position of the leader in the family. When a man realizes himself in a career and feels confident, he is ready to take responsibility for ensuring a happy life for his loved ones. In return, he wants to see the support and respect of his wife, who also cares about him. Modern Europeans and Americans are not ready to devote themselves to the family completely as they have a career or hobby too. Only a Korean woman can provide this as their culture teaches them to do so.


Korean wife never lies to her husband. This is nonsense as it threatens family life. Cheating on the part of a woman is impossible because it brings disgrace to her family and parents. Koreans rarely divorce because the government doesn’t approve of it.


Many argue that Korean brides are very good lovers. Young girls are very curious in the intimate sphere. Experienced women know not only how to satisfy a man, but also how to strengthen marriage with awesome sex. They want to please a husband subconsciously.


Alternatively, a Korean wife can be an assistant in maintaining a family budget. Young girls want to work or have their own small business. Local men don’t understand this desire and close them at home. But a western male is glad to meet such a bride. A Korean woman is also always ready to give advice and learn something new.


Korean woman's culture and attitude towards marriage


Let's start with the fact that Asian brides appreciate marriage and consider it a union of two families. This noble act is done once for a lifetime. This idea is the basis of the attitude of Korean girls to a wedding and family. They are waiting and preparing for this throughout their young years. Only decent men appreciate this fact. A husband must understand that a wife devotes all of herself to him and their children and give an equal amount of care and love in return.


A young girl can’t always evaluate a potential husband from all sides due to lack of experience. Therefore, she turns to parents who are wiser. Meeting a father and mother of a bride is a very important event since they make the final decision. Failure means disapproval of this union by parents. In this case, the couple can forget about the future together as very few Korean girls dare to contradict their parents.


Don’t be afraid that Korean parents might not like a foreigner as their daughter's husband. Local culture doesn’t prohibit this. Besides, international relationships seem usual in modern Asia. But this doesn’t exclude the fact that a man will have to make an effort to please the bride's parents. Here are some tips that should solve this problem.


  1. Learning culture. Koreans honor their traditions and history. They will entrust their daughter only to a man who also knows and respects their culture. Ask the bride to tell about her country and read the information on the Internet. This is sure to please the girl's parents.

  2. A gift for parents. Everyone loves surprises, so this is a great way to create a good first impression. Ask the bride to help in choosing a gift. It is better not to give a souvenir from your country. Many Koreans are not interested in Western culture.

  3. Korean language. This is not a mandatory criterion, but it will be much better if you say a couple of phrases in Korean during the first meeting. This is not a mandatory criterion, but it will be much better if you say a couple of phrases in Korean during the first meeting. Anyway, you will need to learn the language, especially if you are going to live in the country.


It is worth noting that when Korean women get married, they equally care about both their parents and their new family. Therefore, don’t think that local brides always think of mom and dad first. When a girl gets a husband, he becomes the one she listens to and respects.


Culture and government dictate girls to be wives and take care of their families. Many are satisfied with this scenario. However, modern brides who have education and ambitions don’t wish to be just housewives. They order food and invite cleaners to have free time to build a career or hobby. This is especially true for girls from Seoul and other major cities. However, even such ladies honor traditions and understand that a man should be the leader.


Something you didn't know about Korean marriages


Interesting fact, many girls keep their virginity until the wedding. It seems too old-school, but, as you already understood, Koreans honor traditions. Basically, this also applies to men. However, today's youth looks at the Western world and does not see the point in observing this rule. Although, some families still control their daughters to remain virgin until marriage.


All Koreans tend to relationships and marriage. The government imposes that a full-fledged person can’t exist without family and procreation. Therefore, local singles are always looking for a partner. They are very sociable, spend a lot of time at parties and create accounts in special social networks. Dating sites are something usual for them. This is good for foreign men as they can be confident in the intentions of the bride, which they found on one of these sites.


Reasons which make Korean girls choose foreigners


As it was mentioned earlier, not all Korean girls want to be housewives. They turn to dating agencies to find a foreigner who accepts their desire. The Western world does not forbid wives to work in contrast to Asia. Therefore, Korean brides tend to go there. In addition, American and European husbands are more gentle and caring for their wives.


Despite the fact that Koreans are committed to tradition and culture, many women dream of escaping the country. They don’t withstand the pressure of the government and parents that limit girls. Young brides want to find a foreigner to open new places and cultures. Many ladies are willing to travel, but they can’t do so because they have no personal money.


Korean brides have strict requirements for partners. Asian beauty standards say that the most attractive men are those above 5'11" (180 cm). Although, in fact, Koreans are very short. Women choose foreigners who look much more attractive than local men. Also, it is necessary to consider the individual preferences of each bride. For example, a girl may like the representatives of the stronger sex only with a European look.


The demand for a bride in Korea depends on her age. Local families try to find husbands to their daughters at a young age. This is because the older a woman is, the less chance there is to find a decent man. Instead of marrying a not beloved man, they create accounts on dating sites. The Western world is kinder to girls. Many men there want to find a wife with experience.


How to impress a Korean bride on a dating site?


These girls are irresistible and know their value. A man who wants to find a Korean wife using a dating site should have an attractive account. This is his way to make a good first impression and keep beauty. This is not so difficult, but many make mistakes and lose even before starting a dialogue with a woman.


The first thing the bride sees is photos. A woman will never begin to study the interests of a man until she sees all the pictures in the profile. Here are some tips that will surely bring success at the initial stage.


  • Portrait as a profile picture. Many men do not want to put their face on the userpic because they don’t consider themselves to be quite beautiful. They choose full-growth photos, with friends or just a picture of nature from the Internet. This isn’t the right approach as the girls want to see the man’s face immediately.

  • Pictures show the personality of a man. Imagine that the photos in your profile are a slideshow of your life. Add our best moments, hobbies or travels to show a bride what kind of person you are.

  • A man should look presentable in the photos. There is no need to organize a special photo shoot to prepare pictures for a dating agency. It is enough to always have ironed clothes, clean hair, and shoes. Women always notice the details.


The second important point is to truthfully answer the questions in the questionnaire. Don’t lie as it will be reviled during communication. Use additional fields to write more information about yourself. Don’t write an essay; only the most important things in 3-5 sentences.


Chatting tips


All decent dating sites charge to send messages to brides or offer limited conditions for free. Buying a VIP package is mandatory as it also has many useful features like video chat and auto-translator. This creates a comfortable conversation and shows the girl your care. Only a man pays for membership.


Before writing a message, a man should think about topics for conversation. The matching system selects people with common interests, so it’s not hard. Also, prepare questions that clarify important qualities of your potential wife. However, don’t talk about personal things on the first day of chatting. Girls love compliments. Feel free to say something nice to a bride about her look and skills. Use dating site features to make her happy.




Now you understand why western men want to date Korean brides. Such a woman will be an excellent wife and mother. Their culture is very different from ours, but a caring girl will tell a foreigner all the secrets. They used to get married early, so men can choose young Korean women for marriage. You should not be afraid of distances because the Internet keeps soulmates together. Dating sites are a great way to find a partner and get to know her better before meeting in real life. Mail order wives have long been considered regular in many countries.


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