This Dating Site Just Wasn’t Worth the Effort is one of the more self-centered offerings that we’ve ever found online, and that’s saying something. This dating site is all about hot people dating hot people. Notably, it’s pretty empty. This site has such a judgmental view on who to join that we just have to roll our eyes and take a long drink out of the brown bag before we ever even set foot on this site. The layout itself is ridiculous, and honestly, isn’t beauty subjective, anyway? Who is to say that the people they have in the layout aren’t outright ugly to a lot of people? This is the kind of thing that makes this site strange and useless to a large number of people that might be using it, and it’s why the numbers here are very, very low. It lies, though. On the front page, they claim to have a good number of members. Millions in fact, though you’ll usually see that number changing, depending on when you look at it. You also can see that they’ve been apparently chatted about in various news media, but literally anyone can claim that. This site is literally just full of lies all over the place. On top of this, there’s nothing to do here. There’s… This Dating Site Misses the Mark for Us Entirely

While it’s always at least vaguely interesting for a dating site to have some sort of a gimmick, the one that has going for it is really just stupid at best. It’s annoying. The idea that someone could literally go along and put us up on this site without us knowing is really just all kinds of obnoxious, and not at all going to give you any good results. The thing about this site is that it’s a ridiculous example of how to make a dating site. For the most part, it’s also just going to be a bunch of really desperate guys joining up. It’s not cute to imagine your profile getting tossed up here and not even getting a single hit after that. This is a site that could work as a great demoralizer, and not much else. That’s also where the fun starts. Aside from the whole ‘let your friend put your profile up on this site’ thing, there’s not much else about this site that’s going to make it easy for you to end up meeting ladies. In fact, there’s a pretty piss poor ratio of men to women here. Again, it’s mostly just a lot of sad, single dudes that are getting tossed up… This Dating Site Is Shockingly Bad is honestly a baffling site. We have to admit, even after spending a total of three months on here, we’re not even sure what these particular rankings mean. It’s just strange. This site doesn’t have that many members running around on it, and it certainly doesn’t give enough wiggle room to have ‘rankings’ which we can assume are judged by profile hits. The thing about this site is that you can end up being placed on those lists if you juts get a hit generator going for your profile…so it’s not exactly a fair way of finding people. That means also that there’s less reliance on any search features to find you based on genuine interests, and a lot more basis on being vaguely technically savvy. It’s not any fun. This site has a weird concept, and it definitely doesn’t have much of anything beyond that. We’re pretty sure this was put into place because there’s nothing else going on here. Other than this weird ranking system, this site doesn’t have any features other than a very weak search engine, and some forums to chat up other singles on online. None of these things are going to create a very good, solid user base, and it certainly doesn’t have… This Dating Site Can’t Deliver is honestly something of a mystery. This site strangely has material that dates back to 1995, and apparently, that’s something to be proud about? That’s…new. Who knew? This particular site is seemingly proud of being around for a really long time, and literally looking like it came from the 1990s. We personally find that really horrible and jarring. If you’re looking for dating opportunities, this isn’t going to be a site that does anything of the sort in your favor. It’s mostly just a lot of black, red, and horrible graphics. This site definitely looks like it was created in 1995, we’ll give them that. Why they think it’s a good idea to keep content on there from that day and age is really beyond us. It’s just weird. This site also has some serious issues with grammar and spelling right on the front page, which leads us to believe that the administrators aren’t entirely into keeping the site clean. There’s not a lot of effort put into maintaining this particular dating site, which is probably why they’re pretty much okay with leaving all of the 1995 stuff up and running. All in all, this is a weird, shocking example of a dating site relic, and not one that… A Dating Site That You Can Definitely Skip in the Future doesn’t seem to have anything wholly, offensively wrong with it until you realize that most of the profiles on the front page are bait and switch. That’s no good. Baiting and switching customers is a tactic where a site uses cookies to identify your location, and claims that a number of members that aren’t really in that location are actually there. This makes a lot of customers join up with the false hope of meeting those people in their area. That’s really not going to happen here, and that’s why it’s just gross. We found ourselves really disappointed that this site had to sink to such levels. Mostly, it just comes off as a good site other than that, but obviously, it’s actually quite empty. It lies. A dating site that has to lie to your face about what members are actually there in your area isn’t the kind of site that you need to trust with…well, just about anything else. That’s sad, because the layout isn’t bad. It’s classy, and it’s in a nice, neutral red and white, showing off the site’s integrity–or so we thought. That’s not the case at all. With this many bait and switch options for you, you’ll quickly see how easy it is… This Dating Site is a Total Waste of Time

We’re not sure why anyone would think that is an acceptable dating site, especially when the site itself is basically just one big template that’s been vaguely customized. There’s nothing here for you. No one is going to flock to a dating site that’s dead, boring, and otherwise looks like it’s something else on the tin. That’s all that you’re going to end up seeing here. With a site like this one, you’re also going to quickly find that the administrators don’t care about updating, which means that they also don’t care about who is joining. This leads to a lot of scammers sitting around and polluting this already pretty trashy looking dating site. By trashy–we mean it. It’s nothing but text and tables on white. It’s just not appealing. Dating sites have the task of actually luring people in and encouraging them to join with interesting features, and this site doesn’t do any of that in any particular way. Without this lure, there’s no way that women are going to feel intrigued to join. It mostly is going to make people want to run away screaming, because we certainly did. With low member counts and not much of anything to do on here, there’s really no surprise about… This Dating Site Doesn’t Work For Us is another site that’s trying very, very hard to look like Facebook, and failing miserably. It’s also failing in the membership count, because it’s basically just dead. There’s nothing here. This site might claim to have over 31 million people on it, but trust us–it doesn’t. You’re going to be lucky if you see a dozen ladies anywhere near you online at any point. We’re not sure why dating sites feel the need to lie to this extent. Mostly, they just make us want to pull our hair out, because it’s incredibly frustrating to get real results here. The serious lack of women comes from the serious lack of marketing. You aren’t going to see any opportunities to meet women here because this site doesn’t advertise to them. It’s just laziness. As far as we can tell, there’s not a lot of administrative creativity going on here. This site is pretty dead and boring because it hasn’t been updated in any recent time period. This sort of issue would be quickly solved by an overhaul of any sort, but we’re pretty sure that’s not going to end up happening at any point in the near future of this site. With that in mind, you can basically kiss any and… This Dating Site Isn’t Up to Par

We’re not exactly sure what strawberries has to do with both and a lot of dating online, but that’s all that this layout has, and it’s kind of weird, to be honest. We aren’t into it. A dating site needs a simple, easy to use layout–not a somewhat baffling layout that’s not going to even come close to getting the job done if people are trying to use it. This site, unfortunately, seems to have the latter, and it’s not good. The front page is mostly just a white background with some text…and oddly enough, strawberries. This, obviously, is going to make for an awkward and confusing dating site, and we’re really not even sure why the site is named ‘Slinky’, either. It’s just plain strange. It’s no good, either. If you’ve ever wanted to see a lot of faked testimonials, here’s your place. This site has them all over the front page, as if that’s going to come close to making it legit. Instead, it mostly just makes us want to bang our head against a wall and never come back to use this site again, because we found ourselves questioning our sanity. It’s not a good site, it’s never going to be, and if the strawberries don’t… This Dating Site Can’t Give You Results is a very generic dating site at first glance. That doesn’t seem to change the more that you dig into it, because the features here are all pretty standard…or substandard. It’s not a great site. As much as this site might be trying to be a big name in the world of dating site, they obviously are just trying to fall in the same mold as every single other dating site out there. This means that unique features aren’t really going to end up existing here. You won’t find anything that you haven’t seen a million times before, and it’s not even done well. The layout here is pretty cookie cutter, and we’re not sure how well it can really support high traffic loads. This site tends to load slowly for us either way, and that’s no good. It’s pretty laggy. When a dating site is laggy, that usually means that they need to start upgrading those servers or that they just need to think about what is killing their site in the first place. We doubt it’s numbers here, considering how difficult it was to get anyone to even respond to our messages. We’re just going to assume that it’s a server problem. Because of this, this site… This Dating Site is a Total Miss in Our Books is another unfortunate example of a very, very generic dating site that isn’t going to ever garner the kind of attention that you should be seeing on a good dating venue. It’s just really generic. This site was clearly brought out from some old template that the administrators found who knows well, which, clearly, isn’t doing them any favors considering the low numbers. This, on top of some really pathetic stock images, doesn’t make a good dating site. The features here are stale at best, and mostly consist of a search engine that’s no good. That’s not going to help you find the kind of ladies that you’re looking for. We really struggled to find any ladies at all, actually, because most of what you’ll see here are dead profiles. It’s not good enough. Because this site is so dead in the water, it’s literally going to have you desperately waiting around for absolutely nothing. It’s empty, and it’s very, very boring. Sites like this one mostly just leave you struggling to get any sort of result. You’re not going to see your messages update very often, either, which can lead you to quick despair. We were really disappointed with this site, and our results just say it all.…


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