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The gimmick here is nothing but vanity, and isn't likely to find you anything in the way of dates or a relationship. Don't give this site the attention, it doesn't deserve it. is one of the more self-centered offerings that we’ve ever found online, and that’s saying something. This dating site is all about hot people dating hot people.

Notably, it’s pretty empty.

This site has such a judgmental view on who to join that we just have to roll our eyes and take a long drink out of the brown bag before we ever even set foot on this site.

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The layout itself is ridiculous, and honestly, isn’t beauty subjective, anyway? Who is to say that the people they have in the layout aren’t outright ugly to a lot of people?

This is the kind of thing that makes this site strange and useless to a large number of people that might be using it, and it’s why the numbers here are very, very low.

It lies, though.

On the front page, they claim to have a good number of members. Millions in fact, though you’ll usually see that number changing, depending on when you look at it.

You also can see that they’ve been apparently chatted about in various news media, but literally anyone can claim that. This site is literally just full of lies all over the place.

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On top of this, there’s nothing to do here. There’s no substance to this ‘beautiful’ dating site, and that’s why you’ll ultimately find it entirely useless for your dating purposes.

The Numbers Say It All…

We ended up spending a grand total of three months on our BeautifulPeople review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 100 chat messages to women online.

It didn’t pay off.

From those 100 messages, we could only get a single woman to actually chat back with this. This was really all the proof we needed about how dead this site was.

That one lady, of course, wouldn’t go out on a date with us, which really proved everything about this site that we already knew. It was just completely and utterly useless.

If you can’t get a date on a dating site, then what’s the point? That’s why we were very ready to just throw in the towel about this site, and very, very ready to move on to another, better option.

It sucks.

This site just doesn’t even begin to grasp what it means to be a good dating site. In fact, it does nothing but alienate people, instead of bring them in for more numbers.

Instead of helping people feel included and actually get along to form relationships, this site has a really skewed view on what people want in a partner in general.

This makes for a very uncomfortable setting that is undoubtedly making this site just an awful place to try and meet new people. That’s why we hate it, and we won’t go back.

These Site Features Were a Total Waste

If you want to meet BeautifulPeople singles, good luck. Most of them don’t exist, and that’s why you need to make sure that you’re not wasting your time here in the slightest.

There’s nothing here.

Other than the allure of really pretty people, there’s nothing to do on this site. You’re going to have a really hard time keeping people interested in using this place.

Apparently, they thought that a lot of gorgeous people sitting in one place was going to be more than enough, but trust us–it’s not. It’s just not even close to enough.

Even the search engine here is pretty lame, only allowing for geographical searches or for specific looks. Apparently, interests just don’t even come close to mattering.

The Bland News on This Bland Site

Kinky sex is in the future for you and your date if you really want that:

Knowing what to talk to her about in person is a good start to really giving her what she wants, so read up on that:

Knowing what roles hot ladies are playing in films today can give you an insider look at what they’re really thinking:

When You Need a Dating Site, Definitely Avoid

We were really not happy with, and that’s honestly because this site is just complete and utter crap. There’s literally no way that you’ll get a date here.

It’s worthless.

A dating site without any good number of people on it isn’t going to ever give you the results that you want. That’s why you really don’t need to waste time with this one.

Instead, you should be focusing on a dating site that actually has reliable numbers, not a crazy gimmick that relies on telling people if they’re hot or not, basically.

This site really rubs us the wrong way, and it should do the same for you. Skip it, and you’ll end up having a lot more fun online with a ton of other, much better dating sites.

Use something better.

Our number one site is, and it can help you meet a lot of amazing ladies that are gorgeous as well…but they absolutely have substance that they care about, too.

Give it a shot!


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