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They know how to design a site to appeal to all stripes of users, newbie and expert alike. That means you'll find plenty of ladies here to choose from, and who stick around.

Knowing why a dating site stands out is important. What we immediately noticed with is that its layout is vastly superior, and definitely offers an intimate atmosphere.

That’s very necessary.

If the dating site that you’re using can’t bring in the ladies that it needs, then it’s going to end up a failure. This site, we noticed, definitely makes women feel more comfortable.

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This is a good thing. This means that more women are going to join, and it’s all because it’s decked out simply in soft whites and beige, and certainly isn’t overtly sexual in any way.

This site definitely has a vibe of intimacy and long-term relationships. They heavily focus on helping you find your real match here, which for some, is really the ideal.

Some Great Numbers

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That name doesn’t lie. This site’s pro features will find you the dates you really want, guaranteed. Don’t miss out, try it today on Match

We ended up spending a grand total of three months on our Match review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 100 chat messages to women that we met online.

It was excellent.

From those 100 chat messages, we had a grand total of 72 ladies actually chat us up and want to keep having conversations with us. This was well above average, and awesome.

From those 72 women, a total of 5 wanted to end up meeting up on dates with us, and ultimately, we had 2 of them show up for an amazing time each evening with us.

We ended up seeing one of those women again for a second time, which was a ton of fun. Our date with this lady really showed us that this site delivered some quality our way.

Try These Messages

Chat Message 1: “Hi, Amelia. I saw that you were into designing your own clothes, which I think is incredible. Some of the designs that you’ve posted are absolutely amazing.

You’re such an artistic lady that I’d love to know more about you. When did you get started in the design field? If you have time to chat, let me know and let’s have at it.”

Chat Message 2: “Hi, Mandy. I saw that you were really into collecting dolls, which is really awesome. I’ve actually been an antique collector all my life, and I thought you’d be into the same things.

If you’re ever free, let’s meet up at the local antique market and have a look around together. I bet we’d be able to teach one another a thing or two about our collections.”

These Site Features Just Plain Work

There’s a lot that stands out on this site, and it isn’t just the Match singles–though they’re numerous, and usually, there’s a higher count to look through every single day.

It’s the ease of use that stands out.

This site is made for people that aren’t necessarily experts at any form of web browsing. That means no matter how much experience you have online, you can work through it here.

That means that you’re going to get people from all walks of life, all stages of life, and all kinds of people, too. The variety here is high, and that’s a huge stand out for us.

You’ll be able to browse this site easily, and meet all of these people easily as well. The girls that are on this site are always very eager, because they’re serious about their dating endeavors.

How to Get Ahead

If you want to stand out on this particular website, it doesn’t need to be an Act of Congress to make it happen. It honestly just comes down to the kind of content you put up.

Keep it tame.

Your profile needs to be thoroughly filled out, but you need to save any innuendo or lewdness for another dating site. This isn’t the one for that sort of material in the slightest.

A clean, professional profile is really the way to go here. We’re not saying that it needs to be boring in anyway; we’re saying that coming off as a gentleman here is much smarter.

If you want to stand out, then you need to make sure that you’re personal, optimistic, and don’t sit around and focus on those past relationships that might be plaguing you.

Some Fixes

We know that there’s no such thing as a perfect dating site, and this one definitely isn’t one of them. That being said, the issues here are minor, and easily overlooked.

It could use a few updates.

While this site definitely stands out amongst dating sites, it still could use a few upgrades here and there, mostly in the speeds that this particular site tends to run at.

It’s easily overloaded by the traffic that it has, which means during peak times, you’re going to end up seeing some lag that can really make you want to gnash your teeth together.

Keeping this in mind, it could be a hell of a lot worse. Just make sure that you’re aware of it, and you schedule your visits to this particular site very carefully to avoid it.

The Hot News

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We absolutely adored, and that’s why it rolled in as our number two dating site overall. It really delivers, and we’ve only ever had great results here.

It’s worth it.

With the right dating site, you’re going to be guaranteed success. That’s what this site can steer you towards, because it definitely has all the makings of a site that’s perfect.

This isn’t the only site, however. You should also check out our number one dating site, It’s shown time and time again that it can really work for you.

Don’t miss out.

Either of these sites can work for you!


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