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It's painfully bare-bones as far as features go, without any matchmaking options to live up to its name. The jumbled mess of a layout also doesn't help its case.

Did someone say, super generic Facebook-resembling layout? Because that’s all that you’re going to really get out of, and it’s not exactly appealing.

It’s really bad.

A layout is the first impression that anyone is going to get out of a dating site, and we have to say, this site doesn’t leave anything close to a decent impression when you use it.

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Mostly, this dating site is just going to end up giving you a headache with all of the profile pictures smattered on the front page in some kind of a horrific collage of failure.

We aren’t into that, and judging by the poor ratio and numbers of this dating site, no one else is, either. It’s not exactly made to handle a large number of people, anyway.

It’s just empty.

Upon trying to peruse this site and look for more potential dates, we quickly found that memberships just trickle in. This means that you’re going to have a hard time finding a date.

The main memberships that you’ll see here are people joining, and immediately leaving. They usually don’t take the time to build any sort of a profile on this dating site.

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With this working against you, it’s going to be pretty difficult to get the results that you’re looking for. You’re just not going to be able to meet a lot of women in this environment.

The Numbers Say Nothing Good

We ended up spending a grand total of three months on our MatchMaker review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 100 chat messages to women we met online.

It wasn’t good.

From those 100 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 33 responses total, which wasn’t anywhere close to the minimum that we really would like to see here.

From those 33 responses, not a single woman actually wanted to end up meeting us in person and chatting us up, which means that our chances of dates was going to be zero.

Not a single date came out of this site, which basically means that you’re going to be throwing all of your time and energy at absolutely nothing. You won’t be into that, trust us.

Forget this site.

The moment that we saw how slow memberships tend to happen here is the moment that we realized it just wasn’t going to even come close to giving us good results.

A site that doesn’t have a consistent membership base is literally one of the worst around. There’s not much of a chance that you’ll ever be able to have a good time here.

Unless they drastically up their advertising and really start trying to work to appeal to women, this isn’t going to be a dating site that you’ll ever want to waste time on again.

These Site Features Aren’t Impressive

The idea that there are any number of MatchMaker singles lurking around the corner and trying to meet you is questionable at best. This site just has nothing to offer.

It’s very bland.

Bland isn’t ever going to cut it on dating sites. Comfortable and intimate, sure, but not when it comes down to not having a single feature that can even help people meet.

There’s not even a specific matchmaking quiz that this site offers to its newbies. This means that there’s not even a gimmick to make people want to stick around and play with.

With this in mind, you’re left with a very bare bones site that doesn’t in any way resemble a dating site that’s worth spending time, money, or effort on in any single way.

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We were really not happy with, and courtesy of the fact that it’s basically just empty, there’s no way that you’ll ever be able to enjoy any real success here.

It’s just not good.

Skipping out on a dating site that’s just seriously lacking in features is a much better plan. That’s because you just aren’t going to be wasting your time with nothing

There’s not enough activity here to actually constitute real effort on your part. There’s no chance that you’ll meet women because this site is as dead as you can get.

We weren’t happy about this, but we called it from day one. A dating site without any real growing membership rate isn’t a dating site that you’ll want to be apart of.

Skip it.

Instead of this particular dating site, you should be jumping aboard our number one dating site, It’s a site that’s reliable as well as always very, very active.

Give it a shot, and you’ll definitely be able to see a difference. The results simply don’t lie!

Good luck!


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