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The site gimmick is irritating at best, and almost guarantees that this site will be populated by nothing but desperate men. Surprising no one, that's all who's here.

While it’s always at least vaguely interesting for a dating site to have some sort of a gimmick, the one that has going for it is really just stupid at best.

It’s annoying.

The idea that someone could literally go along and put us up on this site without us knowing is really just all kinds of obnoxious, and not at all going to give you any good results.

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The thing about this site is that it’s a ridiculous example of how to make a dating site. For the most part, it’s also just going to be a bunch of really desperate guys joining up.

It’s not cute to imagine your profile getting tossed up here and not even getting a single hit after that. This is a site that could work as a great demoralizer, and not much else.

That’s also where the fun starts.

Aside from the whole ‘let your friend put your profile up on this site’ thing, there’s not much else about this site that’s going to make it easy for you to end up meeting ladies.

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In fact, there’s a pretty piss poor ratio of men to women here. Again, it’s mostly just a lot of sad, single dudes that are getting tossed up here by a bunch of their friends.

Sites like this don’t serve much of a purpose other than to be a laughing stock. That’s pretty clear from our results, and if we can’t get dates here, no one really can.

The Numbers Aren’t Enough

We ended up spending a grand total of three months on our MySingleFriend review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 100 chat messages to women we found online.

It was really not good.

From those 100 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 6 women to actually chat back with us, which was really the biggest amount of proof we needed as to how dead the site was.

From those 6 women, not a single one of them actually wanted to go out on a date with us. This was really not a surprise to us, but it really just made it annoying.

We ended up wasting a lot of time on this site for absolutely nothing, basically. There’s nothing that can be done about that now, but it’s certainly not something we’re happy about.

It doesn’t get better.

While some dating sites can start off slow, this site starts slow…and stays slow, because again, there’s a marked imbalance in the number of men there are to women.

There’s way too many men around on here to make this site worth your while. You’re going to really find yourself struggling to get anyone to actually talk to you here.

We were really disappointed by all of this, and really, really ready to just leave and throw in the towel. This site is nothing but a useless gimmick, and we proved that.

No Good Features

It’s one thing to have a really fun dating site with a really funny gimmick. This site, unfortunately, just doesn’t have the MySingleFriend singles to back up those kinds of laughs.

It’s not good.

There’s a marked lack of people here other than desperate dudes because there’s nothing to do here other than chat about how sad and lonely you are with other men.

This site has a really pathetic men’s right activist following, which basically just lets men sit around and talk about how cruel women are for not dating them in the first place.

That’s not appealing, that’s not cute, and it’s definitely not going to end up giving you the kinds of results that you should be looking for. It’s just not the site you’re going to want.

Some Crappy News

If you need to know how to look for a date, this article can help:

Make sure that you always smell nice, or your date’s going to end up dumping you quickly; this article covers that:

Sprucing up your look for your dates should be a requirement: Can’t Even Begin to Compete as a Dating Site

There’s really not a single chance that is going to end up working for you, and that’s something that we managed to prove pretty early on in our review.

It’s just crap.

This site might have a gimmick, but that’s all it has. It certainly doesn’t have the kinds of numbers that are needed in order to make this site work for you in any way.

It also doesn’t have anything to help bring in people other than the assumption that your friends are going to think you’re really sad and lonely. That’s why we hate it.

With the really lack luster response that we received, that’s another reason to just skip out on this particular dating site and go onto something that can really give you the goods.

You deserve better.

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