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It may be famous, but that doesn't mean it'll work for what you want. The population here just isn't serious about dating, and won't stick around for anything long-term.

Everyone has heard of OKCupid.com. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s worth hearing about, especially when you realize that this site is cluttered and mostly dead.

It’s not good enough.

While this site might have some strong advertising minds behind it, that doesn’t mean that they’re getting any members that are actually serious about the dating game.

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Mostly, people tend to join up on this site and not stick around for more than a few hours. They fill out a half-assed profile, and then they move onto something else.

That’s all that we really ended up seeing whenever we started browsing this site. Most of the time, there aren’t many people that are serious about any long-term relationships.

It’s a total mixed bag.

Because this site has such a diverse–and we mean that in a bad way–population in the dedication regard, that means that you’re probably not going to get a lot of responses.

You also honestly aren’t going to see a lot of ladies joining up here. Mostly, it’s guys that are looking for a hookup or something similar, and that’s going to scare women away.

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We aren’t fond of the vibe here, and we were really not interested in sticking around after we started seeing how slow the responses were, and how few we really got.

The Numbers Are Just Eh

We ended up spending a grand total of three months on our OKCupid review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 100 chat messages to women we met online.

It was no good at all.

From those 100 chat message, we could only get a grand total of 31 responses total, which was pretty pathetic and really spoke of how slow and dead this whole site was.

From those 31 responses, not a single one of those women actually wanted to end up meeting up with us in person for a fun time. It’s just not the kind of site you want to waste time on.

This site really proved itself to be entirely useless when we couldn’t get a single date for the entire time that we spent time here. You just aren’t going to want to deal with that.

It’s a waste of space.

Because this site attracts so many people that honestly just don’t want anything to do with dating in the first place, it becomes a very hit and miss environment, to say the least.

We found ourselves continuously frustrated with the lack of response that we got here. It’s just not the kind of site that you can really count on in order to get that fast date.

Its claims don’t match up to the numbers. If you’re looking to meet people, it’s not going to end up being on a site like this one where it should, supposedly, be really easy.

These Site Features Don’t Deliver

The problem with OKCupid singles is that they’re often of the same demographic–young, flakey, and not particular interested in anything long-term relationship-wise.

It’s male-dominated.

Another issue is that this site’s advertising tends to attract a lot more men than it does women. This particular feature isn’t exactly going to work in your favor when you’re trying to date.

Most of the guys on here are looking for hookups, which makes women feel uncomfortable about answering a lot of messages on here. We assume that was our problem.

With that in mind, you’re just not going to be able to have all of the opportunities that you might have expected. This is just not a good site for the chances that you deserve.

The News You Don’t Want

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OKCupid.com Doesn’t Work as a Good Dating Site

We were really not happy with the way that OKCupid.com performed for us. This is just not a good dating site in the slightest, and the numbers that came back with us really proved that.

You can do better.

Because this site just really advertises, you’d think that it would actually bring in a bigger crowd. Unfortunately, most of that crowd doesn’t seem interested in sticking around.

This makes for a lot of dead profiles and frustrating searches wherein you end up sending messages to a lot of ladies that aren’t ever going to end up answering you back.

With that in mind, you don’t want to keep wasting your time on a site that’s just not going to give you anything back. You deserve something much better than this one.

Go for the best.

Instead of wasting your time here, you should be checking out our number one site, Xpress.com. It’s the best of the best, and it can really end up delivering some results.

If you really want to meet women, then it’s the site for you. You’ll be off to a good start so long as you can take the time to build a profile that can help you chat them up.

Good luck!


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