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This bland, featureless site simply has nothing to offer that a hundred other dating sites don't do better. There's also next to no women here, which compounds the issue. is another unfortunate example of a very, very generic dating site that isn’t going to ever garner the kind of attention that you should be seeing on a good dating venue.

It’s just really generic.

This site was clearly brought out from some old template that the administrators found who knows well, which, clearly, isn’t doing them any favors considering the low numbers.

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This, on top of some really pathetic stock images, doesn’t make a good dating site. The features here are stale at best, and mostly consist of a search engine that’s no good.

That’s not going to help you find the kind of ladies that you’re looking for. We really struggled to find any ladies at all, actually, because most of what you’ll see here are dead profiles.

It’s not good enough.

Because this site is so dead in the water, it’s literally going to have you desperately waiting around for absolutely nothing. It’s empty, and it’s very, very boring.

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Sites like this one mostly just leave you struggling to get any sort of result. You’re not going to see your messages update very often, either, which can lead you to quick despair.

We were really disappointed with this site, and our results just say it all. There’s just not enough here for you to really end up with the kinds of numbers that you’d like, let alone a single real date.

The Numbers Aren’t Good

We ended up spending a grand total of three months on our Spark review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 100 chat messages to women that we met online.

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 100 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 16 responses overall. This wasn’t anywhere close to good, and it really instilled a sense of dread in us.

From those 16 responses, we couldn’t get a single woman to even consider the idea of meeting up with us in person, which really just proved our point about how bad the site was.

There’s nothing that you can do with a site that won’t even help you get a single date. Rather than success, you’re mostly just going to end up running around in circles.

It’s not good enough.

A dating site should be able to provide you with consistent, solid results, but this site can’t even come close to getting you that first date that you’ve been craving online.

This is why you really are just going to need to skip generic featureless sites like this one. They aren’t going to end up giving you anything close to the fun that you need.

This is one site that would seriously benefit from an overhaul if nothing else. The fact that we can’t even get a single woman to talk to us about dating in person says it all.

Forget These Features

The concept of Spark singles needs to flee far from your mind, and that’s all because you’re just not going to have anything close to an opportunity to date on here.

The numbers are very low.

What’s the cause behind these low numbers, exactly? Well, it all comes down to the fact that there’s just nothing to do here, so why would anyone in their right mind would anyone join?

That’s something that becomes very apparent whenever you try to stick around on here and actually make something of this site. The ratio is incredibly, sadly low when it comes to ladies.

Without women and without anything to do on this site except send messages, it’s just going to end up crashing and burning for everyone that tries to make it work out.

Some Sad News Here

If it’s boxers or briefs, this article can help you with a more solid answer:

Figuring out when she wants sex is something that can help you out:

Figuring out which muscles she loves is important:

Avoid as a Dating Site

There’s nothing impressive about, and that’s why you honestly just need to leave this particular hosting site in the dust. It’s not going to get any better for you.

Forget this one.

There’s a marked lack of features here, which really just leads to it be completely and utterly useless. You aren’t going to be able to meet women if there’s none of them here.

We figured this out early on in our review, but it still wasn’t the kind of site that we’d wish upon anyone. In fact, it’s the kind of site that you just need to leave in the dust.

With a site like this one, you’re never going to get the kinds of results that you want in the dating department. That’s why you really just need to leave this one behind.

Go for something better.

Rather than sit around on this site, you should be checking out our number one site, It’s proven itself through solid results that it can help you score an awesome date.

Give it a shot. It’s the site that we personally keep coming back to, and that’s why we know it can work for you.

Have fun!


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