Picking up on Her Nonverbal Cues of Interest

When you finally meet up with a woman you met online, you may find it difficult to tell if she’s into you. On the other hand, if you’re just meeting up with women in bars and clubs it can be even more difficult. You don’t want to presume and think she’s interested when she’s really not, but unfortunately this happens to a lot of guys. You shouldn’t be one of them. You want to be able to tell when a woman is interested, because that will make it much easier for you to have success when hooking up. We’re here to clue you in on all the little things that women do when they’re interested in a guy that you might not have ever picked up on before. Here’s everything you need to know in order to succeed: She’s Twirling Her Hair a Lot If you meet up with a woman and she seems to be too busy playing with her hair to notice much of anything else, this could definitely be a sign of her interest. Women do this because it’s a way of subtly grooming herself. It may not be that obvious to you, but once you know this could happen, you need to keep an eye out…

Grooming Habits She Wishes You Had

Appearance is definitely important when you hit the dating scene, but you may not realize how important your personal grooming is as well. You need to have the right grooming habits if you want to attract women, but you might think it’s not a big deal. Maybe you hop out of bed, comb your hair, brush your teeth, and throw on some clothes before you’re out the door. Unless you’re a male model, you could probably stand with doing a little more than that. Some grooming habits aren’t noticeable to someone who’s never seen you before, but it doesn’t need to be that obvious. These are little tweaks that will help you look your best and act your most confident. That means you’ll be able to hook up with tons more women, and be more confident in yourself all around. If you’re curious how this might work, then here are some of the grooming habits women wish more men had: Giving Your Eyebrows a Little Bit of Shaping You probably don’t spend very much time thinking about your eyebrows, but maybe you should. Sometimes guys just have an impressive set of caterpillars hanging around on their brow, and women don’t usually find this attractive. It may not seem like the…


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