Know From Her Texts If She Will Sleep With You On A First Date

When branching out into the world of dating using technological means, texting and messaging stand out as primary means of communication when considering possible dates. It’s important to be able to understand the world of texting so you may better seek out exactly what you want from a potential partner. And with us guys, that usually means we want our dates to put out as quickly as possible. We don’t want to waste time wining and dining a slew of women who are more interested in the cuisines we buy for them than finding a great sexual match. So how can we spot the women who are on our level and interested in having a good time? It’s simple if we take a deeper look at the language of their text messages. Signs For Women To Avoid As you begin to explore a new possible partner via texting, one of the first major signs is how often does she text you? Does she initiate more often or does she wait for you to take the lead? Ideally you want a woman who lets you control the flow of the conversation, but interacts insightfully and flirts with you often. But don’t confuse that for the desperate women willing to throw themselves…

How to Bag a Bar Bunny

Men go to bars to pick up women, and women go there to meet men. Women always assume that men go to the bar all the time and men always assume that it’s the woman’s first time in the bar. It’s only when you’ve gone a lot yourself that you start to realize that some women really do spend every Friday night at the same bar. If you’ve waited a few weeks to make your move, you’ve actually put yourself ahead of the pack. Unlike men who go after her on their first night at the bar you know that you’re a regular, and she’s a bar bunny. This tells you all you need to know to bag this woman. Buy Her a Drink With all bar bunnies you need to play the game. This starts by having a drink sent over by the bartender, and ends with you going over there and watching her drink it. This is a classic move that men use on plenty of women, not just bar bunnies, but it’s especially important here. If she hangs out at the bar so much she must enjoy the pattern of the courtship; there are drinks, and then flirting, and then who knows where she’ll end up spending…

Changing Your Mentality Towards Women, and How It Will Help

When it comes to the dating scene, one thing you may find yourself struggling with is your mentality towards women. It can be hard to motivate yourself to get out there and try the dating scene if you’re convinced that no woman will ever love you. You need to have the right mentality when you get out there and start looking for women to date, but you may not have ever thought about this before. What does it matter what your mentality towards women is? It can actually make a huge difference in your entire dating experience, and you need to understand why. We’re here to help explain things and show you how your mentality towards women can change your experiences with them. We’re also here to tell you what the right mentality is to have, and how you can go about getting that mentality. Why Is This Such a Big Deal? You might not think that how you think about women is going to make such a big difference in your chances with the dating scene. It’s nice to think so, but the truth is that how you think about women can really change how you interact with them. How you interact with women basically determines your chances at…

4 Ways to Tell She’s Not into Commitment

It’s true what they say: when you’re looking for a wild night out every woman you meet is going to be looking for Mr. Right. When you’re finally ready to start thinking about something a little more stable (not dropping a wedding band ready, but ready enough to wonder what it’s like to sleep with the same woman twice in a row), however, you’re only meeting party animal women. Repeat the cycle until your head explodes, right? However, you can turn this cycle around and nip a false relationship in the bud by knowing these four common signs that she’s not into commitment right now. Whether you’re looking for a woman for right now or something a little longer, these will tell you what to look for. She Doesn’t Have a Best Friend Commitment doesn’t only come in “Romance” flavor. She might not be ready to promise herself to one guy forever, but she might also not be ready to stick with one friend through thick and thin. Women who don’t have a best friend aren’t looking to have stable or common experiences in life right now. When a woman keeps jumping social scenes it means that she’s still in the process of deciding who and what she’s going to…


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