Picking up on Her Nonverbal Cues of Interest

When you finally meet up with a woman you met online, you may find it difficult to tell if she’s into you. On the other hand, if you’re just meeting up with women in bars and clubs it can be even more difficult. You don’t want to presume and think she’s interested when she’s really not, but unfortunately this happens to a lot of guys. You shouldn’t be one of them. You want to be able to tell when a woman is interested, because that will make it much easier for you to have success when hooking up. We’re here to clue you in on all the little things that women do when they’re interested in a guy that you might not have ever picked up on before. Here’s everything you need to know in order to succeed: She’s Twirling Her Hair a Lot If you meet up with a woman and she seems to be too busy playing with her hair to notice much of anything else, this could definitely be a sign of her interest. Women do this because it’s a way of subtly grooming herself. It may not be that obvious to you, but once you know this could happen, you need to keep an eye out…

How to Tell if She’s Even Looking for Someone to Hook up With

Not every woman on the dating sites you’re going to visit is going to want to actually meet up with a total stranger from the Internet and hook up with him. This can be disappointing to realize, but you need to know this so you can be realistic about it. Not every woman you’re going to message is going to want to hook up with you. You might find yourself thinking that dating sites are a bit of a minefield because of this, but they really aren’t. There are ways to tell if a woman is even looking for someone to hook up with, and if you can recognize those signs, you will be much more successful when you message women. We’re here to teach you all about it so you can spot which women won’t want to message you back at all. This will help you avoid wasting your time when messaging women. You can thank us later, but for now, read on: Inspect Her Profile Very Carefully First things first, you need to take a look at her profile. You don’t want to wind up messaging a woman whose profile very clearly states she isn’t looking to hook up. You should be careful to look at what she’s…

How to Bag a MILF

MILFs are a great way to gain experience with a woman who really knows what she’s doing. There are some things that a woman needs time to learn, and you’re not going to find that level of skill on women below the age of 25. However, that doesn’t mean that women above 25 but below cougar town are going to all be ready and willing. You have to know how to please her in order to get the benefits of her greater experience. If you’ve got your eye on a MILF (or just want to bag any MILF, with no one woman in mind) keep this advice in mind. Don’t Be Crude MILFs have heard it all. They know every crude, obscene thing that you could say to them and more. They’ve had more time to get desensitized to it, and they’re not going to be impressed that you know about all those positions, or what have you. If you want to snag her attention then you have to stand out from other younger men who want to be with a woman like her simply for sex. You can start by turning up the sensuality but turning down the vulgarity. See if you can hold an entire sext conversation without…


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