The Perfect Way to Ask Her Out

There’s a pretty stereotypical view on dating. Women want to be the romantic center of the story, while men just fill out the important bits like holding coats and putting together romantic dates. But there are times when men have had fantasies about asking a lady out or having her do something for him in a romantic way. When you’re eyeing someone and want to take things further with her, then you’ve got to find the perfect way to ask her out…perfect for both of you. She gets her knight in shining armor and you get to feel like the prince in your own story. It sounds pretty lame, but that’s better than texting her to see if she wants to be your girlfriend. Take the lame plunge, and ask her out by: Dinner Taking someone out to dinner is a way to date in and of itself, but that’s a very mundane thing. People go to dinner all the time. It’s not even special. It might not even be a date unless you specifically call it that. Instead of all of this second guessing, use this vague opportunity as a way to really ask her out. Go all the way, order roses and wine and whatever else you think…

How to Bag a MILF

MILFs are a great way to gain experience with a woman who really knows what she’s doing. There are some things that a woman needs time to learn, and you’re not going to find that level of skill on women below the age of 25. However, that doesn’t mean that women above 25 but below cougar town are going to all be ready and willing. You have to know how to please her in order to get the benefits of her greater experience. If you’ve got your eye on a MILF (or just want to bag any MILF, with no one woman in mind) keep this advice in mind. Don’t Be Crude MILFs have heard it all. They know every crude, obscene thing that you could say to them and more. They’ve had more time to get desensitized to it, and they’re not going to be impressed that you know about all those positions, or what have you. If you want to snag her attention then you have to stand out from other younger men who want to be with a woman like her simply for sex. You can start by turning up the sensuality but turning down the vulgarity. See if you can hold an entire sext conversation without…


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