Thoughtful Notions That Will Boost Your Date Night

Having a date night with a woman, whether it’s your first or your fortieth, should always be something that is special. Calling it a date makes it that way. Eating dinner by itself isn’t anything that we wouldn’t normally do, so by spicing it up you’re creating a moment for your date to remember. While this great on its own, by adding some small yet thoughtful notions will make it even better. Dates can end in many different ways, let’s make sure that yours ends well in a bed with a beautiful woman. Show Up on Time Most women take a lot longer than men do when it comes to getting ready for a date. So when you set a plan, be on it. If you show up early then she’s going to have to rush to finish getting ready because you’re there and she’ll probably feel pretty flustered by it. That’s not a good start. Showing up late is just as bad. Then she thinks that she has to finish by a certain time, but suddenly has longer. She doesn’t know how far away you are and isn’t sure if she should do something extra to her hair or makeup because what if you show up in the middle…

Know From Her Texts If She Will Sleep With You On A First Date

When branching out into the world of dating using technological means, texting and messaging stand out as primary means of communication when considering possible dates. It’s important to be able to understand the world of texting so you may better seek out exactly what you want from a potential partner. And with us guys, that usually means we want our dates to put out as quickly as possible. We don’t want to waste time wining and dining a slew of women who are more interested in the cuisines we buy for them than finding a great sexual match. So how can we spot the women who are on our level and interested in having a good time? It’s simple if we take a deeper look at the language of their text messages. Signs For Women To Avoid As you begin to explore a new possible partner via texting, one of the first major signs is how often does she text you? Does she initiate more often or does she wait for you to take the lead? Ideally you want a woman who lets you control the flow of the conversation, but interacts insightfully and flirts with you often. But don’t confuse that for the desperate women willing to throw themselves…

How to Treat Her like a Princess and Why You Should

When you want to impress women, you might be more worried about your appearance and how hot she thinks you are. This is definitely important, but you might be missing out on a huge part of what makes women like guys so much. How you treat her has a huge impact on how she reacts to you. If you don’t treat her right, she might not wind up sticking around for long. Treating her like a princess is a good way to pamper her and show her how much she means to you, but you might not have ever done this before. It doesn’t mean you need to start addressing her as “your royal highness” or anything. It’s more about your actions. If you’re confused, you don’t need to worry for long. We’re here to help you figure it out, and we’re also here to tell you why you should do this to begin with. Read on to find out everything you need to know: How Does This Help You? You might not really understand why treating a woman like a princess can help you. You don’t need to treat her like a literal princess, but you do need to pamper her. This means you need to spoil her and…

4 Ways to Improve Your Looks in 20 Minutes a Day

Women like attractive men. Women like movie stars and underwear models. This is a fact. However, women also know that they’re not going to meet very many movie stars or underwear models. They’re going to have to sleep with real men, and that means that you don’t need to compete with this year’s big famous movie star: you have to compete with the other normal guys you see around. It only takes a little effort to get ahead of the pack, so check out these 20 minute perks that will make you stand out from a crowd. Use Teeth Whitening Strips Women love a great smile. It doesn’t get more basic or more sexy than that. If you’re already using whitening toothpaste, step it up with some strips. They’re easy to use, not that expensive, and if you just do it every couple of months you’ll keep your smile much fresher than the competitions’. It’s really that easy to get a leg up on the other guys out there: you don’t even have to think about it, you can put some of these strips in while you sleep. Go for a Walk During Lunch This isn’t about weight loss entirely, because face it: a 20 minute walk every day isn’t…


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