Why You Should Take a Second Look at the Tomboy

There are many guys out there that are all about the girly girls with long hair and hourglass figures, but that’s not all that’s on the table. As the generations come out, diversity becomes greater, thus, producing babes of all magnitudes. Aside from the feminine women you’ll find sporty girls, artsy girls, tomboys, etc. These women are definitely off of the beaten path as far as what our nation stereotypically goes for. They may have narrower bodies, more muscular frames, or even just have masculine features. That doesn’t make them gay and it doesn’t make them any less well in bed. Tomboys have it harder as they age, considering that it’s thought of as a more juvenile stage that women can go through. But if you’re willing to look past clichs, then you’ll find that these ladies can offer you more than you’d expect. Explore Something New Opening your mind and exploring something new can alter every aspect of your life. From the way you look at others to the way you think about your past can all change just by doing something like dating someone outside of the norm for you. That’s because your perspective shifts. You start seeing beauty in all women, even if it’s not sexual. You…

The Best Places to Meet up for Your Date

Meeting up with a woman you met on the Internet might not seem that comfortable to you at first. If you feel nervous about it, just imagine how she feels. Chances are that she’s quite nervous about the idea of meeting up with a guy she met on the Internet. Because of this, there are some places you should always gravitate towards when you’re trying to pick where to meet up with a woman you met online. These places will result in a better meeting for you, which means that you will have a better chance at connecting with her. If you’re not sure where to go when you want to meet up with a woman you met on the Internet, all you need to do is read on and find out. These are some of the best places for you to meet up for a date with a woman from an online dating site: A Coffee Shop or Similar Public Place, in Broad Daylight This is a good place to meet up for your date, especially if you met her online. You never really know who you’re going to wind up meeting. It not only offers you more security, but it also helps make the woman feel safer about…

Relationship Status: Dating. How to Keep Things Semi-Casual

It seems like no one is really dating nowadays unless they’re “Facebook official”. If you’ve been living under a rock that pretty much just means that you publically declare for all of your online friends that the two of you are together. But the problem is that that involves everyone in your business. How are you supposed to maintain “dating” as your relationship status if everyone is lumping you together via your social network? The pressure can be hard and end relationships before they really go anywhere. In order to keep things casual, you’ll have to try a few of these tips. Talk About It There’s no use trying to keep anything casual if your partner isn’t on the same page as you. Talk to your new lady friend and tell her what you expect out of the relationship. Either you’ll both agree to keep things semi-casual or you’ll quickly find out that one of you is way more serious than the other. What is Casual? Keeping things casual doesn’t mean that you’re going to be sleeping around, but it doesn’t mean that you’re completely committed to each other either. This is where the talking it out bit comes into play. Figure out what the two of you think is…

How to Bag a Bar Bunny

Men go to bars to pick up women, and women go there to meet men. Women always assume that men go to the bar all the time and men always assume that it’s the woman’s first time in the bar. It’s only when you’ve gone a lot yourself that you start to realize that some women really do spend every Friday night at the same bar. If you’ve waited a few weeks to make your move, you’ve actually put yourself ahead of the pack. Unlike men who go after her on their first night at the bar you know that you’re a regular, and she’s a bar bunny. This tells you all you need to know to bag this woman. Buy Her a Drink With all bar bunnies you need to play the game. This starts by having a drink sent over by the bartender, and ends with you going over there and watching her drink it. This is a classic move that men use on plenty of women, not just bar bunnies, but it’s especially important here. If she hangs out at the bar so much she must enjoy the pattern of the courtship; there are drinks, and then flirting, and then who knows where she’ll end up spending…


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